3D perfume animation for Ibrahim Al-Qurashi – A new Saudi Arabian trend?

Everyone has a hard time when it comes to working with busy schedules. In the case of our client Ibrahim Al Qurashi, it was the same situation. Let us start at the very beginning, when…

3D perfume animation for Ibrahim Al-Qurashi – A new Saudi Arabian trend?3D perfume animation for Ibrahim Al-Qurashi – A new Saudi Arabian trend?
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Do you often struggle with tight deadlines in your marketing campaigns? Everyone has a hard time when it comes to working with busy schedules. In the case of our client Ibrahim Al Qurashi, it was the same situation. Let us start at the very beginning, when they contacted us for some help with their 3D perfume animation campaign.

Faced with an upcoming campaign to launch its latest product, Abaq Pomegranate, the Saudi Arabian perfume company was looking for someone who understood its product perfectly and could also deliver high-quality product photography on short notice.

The brief was clear to us and using the latest CGI technology, we were able to deliver faster than anyone they had worked with. But before we dive deeper into the results, let us talk about the obstacles Ibrahim Al Qurashi encountered and how you can ensure your business has all the necessary tools for its next marketing campaign.

Scents of difficulty in the middle eastern perfume industry

Working on last-minute marketing campaigns is difficult, and sometimes you just have to accept it and deliver. When you are one of the leaders in the perfume industry in Saudi Arabia, it is common knowledge that time is key for you. Given the high volume of orders you have to handle and the constant demand for new and exciting perfume products, you have to find someone that can create your ideal marketing content. You need to find the right people who are willing to work day and night to improve your brand’s image. And for Ibrahim Al Qurashi, we did just that.

Every product animation project starts with an image

When it comes to creating 3D perfume animation for perfume brands, CGI plays a huge role in capturing the look and feel of your fragrance. Ibrahim Al Qurashi’s perfume is no exception, as the company relies on product photography to showcase its luxury.

Our initial thinking focused on creating visually astunning images that capture the essence of Ibrahim Al Qurashi’s signature fragrances. We also went into the creative process with a positive and confident feeling, knowing that we’d achieve the best result with our efficient service.

Let us give you a hint – we did just that. Being excited about the challenge, we started brainstorming immediately. However, we also had to overcome some significant challenges.

To achieve realism in 3D animation, every little thing matters

The main problems we encountered were the complexity of the elements we had to use and the difficult physics behind each simulation. Since our client decided that we should include ingredients like pomegranate, wood and amber in the final images and animations, we had to model these elements in a very short time and position them perfectly to create the best possible animation for the client.

Getting the right camera work behind all the elements that appear in the animations was another difficult challenge we had to overcome to create our client’s desired product.

3D perfume animation for Ibraheem Al Qurashi
3D perfume animation wireframe of Ibraheem Al Qurashi - Abaq Pomegranate Musk perfume

To use 3D animation for your perfume products, is an innovation on its own

In order for a company to experience consistent growth in its respective niche, it’s crucial to understand the importance of innovation. Your aim is to stand out from the crowd. There are many ways you can accomplish this, but what never fails in our experience is to give your customers an idea of what your product can do even before they decide to buy it. Also, checkout advantages of product animation for marketing and advertising.

For a top perfume brand like Ibrahim Al Qurashi, this was essential. We needed to convey more than just a piece of art, we needed to show the relationship between the ingredients and the product itself. After all, you can not tell if you like a perfume just by looking at the eye-catching design of a bottle. And the same goes for any kind of hard-surface product like cosmetics, jewelry, watches, and perfumes.

Learn from large brands and see how they use 3D technology to their advantage

If you’re yet to try CGI photography for your business, you are missing out on a great opportunity to give your brand a unique edge. Take, for example, Ibrahim Al Qurashi’s recently launched “Abaq pomegranate” product line. By using breakthrough technology, we were able to bring the essence of this specialty fragrance to life in stunning detail. We created a stunning 3D perfume animation that showcased each fragrance in an unforgettable way.

The beauty and appeal of these products was captured through a combination of intricate lighting, detailed post-production and compelling storytelling. This allowed us to create a 3D perfume animation that really spoke to the audience – something that is better shown with the help of the latest CGI technology.

3D animation is a rising trend in Saudi Arabia and for a reason

However, there are still a significant number of business owners who do not choose CGI photography for their marketing campaigns. We took the trouble to find out more about the reasons why, and what we found out was surprising. First, we learned that few realize CGI photography is less expensive than traditional photography. Another factor that made us think was that people still believe that the photography they are used to is faster, even though services like ours are literally just a click away. If you count yourself among those people, let us show you a more efficient way for your professional 3D perfume animation campaigns. Also, checkout latest product photography trend in 2023.

3D perfume animation hero scene
One of the hero scenes from the 3D perfume animation

3D perfume animation is fast, efficient, affordable and it serves your clients

If you want satisfied clients, you have to meet their needs. Ibrahim Al Qurashi, a Saudi Arabian company, was looking for a fast and affordable way to create the perfect 3D perfume animation. After a long search for the right partner, they came across our team of professionals. What impressed them immediately was the speed of our services, as we were able to deliver the final product within a couple of days.

They also wanted to be able to choose the right images and animations for their business. This was not a problem for us, as we gave them the freedom to revise our work until they were happy with the final product. And that’s exactly what we want our clients to feel after working with us – satisfied with our CGI photography services.

If you are going to try 3D animations for your perfumes, do it do it right

Our team was able to produce high-resolution content at lightning speed compared to other 3D perfume animation services Ibrahim Al Qurashi had used before, as other services may take several weeks to complete the work. We also ensured that all the necessary files were provided promptly after the completion of each job.

3D is much faster and more cost effective than traditional methods

Why should you choose Welpix? First, let’s take a look at what our services can do for you. Using sophisticated computer-generated imagery (CGI), we can create stunning digital assets that accurately showcase every element of your product. Whether for e-commerce websites or for industries like jewelry or cosmetics, we can help your brand gain maximum exposure in its niche. This approach is much faster and more cost effective than traditional methods and allows for greater flexibility in creating images for campaigns or promotional materials such as a 3D perfume animation.

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Problem Solved: What Did We Learn?

Everything is possible when you believe. And when Ibrahim Al Qurashi came to us with an urgent problem we asked ourselves “How can we do this?” instead of “Why is this happening?”. This is what we want you to do. Find solutions to your problems.

Now that you’ve made it to the end, it’s time for real talk. You’ve heard all about what we have to offer, so let’s discuss the real benefits you’ll get when you choose our services:

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What is 3D perfume animation?

3D perfume animation is a digital representation of a perfume using 3D software to showcase bottle, packaging and other details in an interactive and visually appealing manner.

What are the benefits of using 3D perfume animation in marketing?

Benefits of using 3D perfume animation in marketing include increased engagement, visual product presentation, and brand differentiation in a crowded market.

Can 3D perfume animation be used for virtual try-on experiences?

Yes, 3D perfume animation can be used for virtual try-on experiences, to increase customer confidence and create a personalized shopping experience.

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