Creative perfume bottle photography

Perfume bottle photography is the creation of eye-catching visuals of a fragrance. Since the most aesthetically pleasing object of a perfume is the bottle itself, it has become crucial that companies put great effort into…

Creative perfume bottle photographyCreative perfume bottle photography
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Introduction to perfume photography

Creative perfume bottle photography on soft blanket with cotton balls
Creative perfume bottle photography on soft blanket with cotton balls

Perfume bottle photography is the creation of eye-catching visuals of a fragrance. Since the most aesthetically pleasing object of a perfume is the bottle itself, it has become crucial that companies put great effort into it. A successful perfume marketing campaign has to convey the brand message in the best possible light, and a battle-proven way you can do it is by crafting the packaging of the fragrance with plenty of attention to detail.

Over the years, artists have experimented with many styles, backgrounds, and angles. At first, traditional photography was the go-to option for many businesses, but now there is a slight problem with it. The versatility of this type of imagery is quite limited. There is only so much you can do inside an on-site photography studio, meaning you have little angles to play around with.

This is why other innovative solutions emerge on top when it comes to creative perfume photography. For example, CGI has become one of the most frequently used ways by photographers to realistically portray the design of a perfume packaging. Thanks to its digital features, 3D product photography allows you to capture all the features of a fragrance from any angle you might choose. If you would like to know more about how you can shoot the best possible fragrance images at home, dive deeper into this article – you won’t regret it!

Perfume bottle photography tips

Creative perfume bottle photography on highly reflective surfaces
Creative perfume bottle photography on highly reflective surfaces

Do you find it difficult to come up with new perfume photography ideas? We get it, the market is full and there is a lot of marketing material from industry leaders. But what if we told you that you can still compete with the big names? The sure way to compete these days is to master the basics, and we’ve prepared some perfume bottle photography tips for you:

  • Working with the right light: There’s no denying the importance of lighting in photography – depending on how you use it, it can make the difference between success and failure. When photographing perfume bottles, there are some important aspects to keep in mind. For example, one of the best lighting you can use is natural light, as it usually suits products with hard surfaces best.
  • Align your image perfectly: This is our recommendation when it comes to adding variety to your images. When you photograph perfume bottles, you can compensate for many shortcomings, such as a low-budget or little time. If you have a tight budget or a tight schedule, you can use your imagination to create a wide variety of images.
  • Post-processing is a must: even if you are tired or just happy with a shoot, you still need to take one more step to make sure your images are flawless. We call this retouching, and it basically means running the images you just took through editing software. This last step is crucial to make sure that your perfume bottle photos do not have any blemishes that you might have missed.

Props for perfume photography

Creative perfume bottle photography with 3D twisted wood
Creative perfume bottle photography with 3D twisted wood

The use of props can go a long way in perfume bottle photography. There are many uses, but the most important are brand awareness and showcasing the scent of your perfume. When it comes to developing a strong brand identity, you want people to recognize your company just by looking at your promotional materials. This is where you can use props to your advantage. Our brains recognize certain patterns, and we immediately pick up on things that are familiar. You can strategically add some elements that are consistent with your brand so that people know that the images they see are of you.

If you want to give viewers a sense of familiarity with the scent of your perfume, use props. This is a simple process because there are only a few steps to follow. First, you need to make a list of all the ingredients that will be used to make your perfume. After you have everything written down, you should take your time to think about which of these items would look best next to your perfume packaging. A good rule of thumb is to choose the most esthetically pleasing elements, but also those that you think would elicit a reaction from your target audience – research carefully and choose what your potential customers would like to see.

CGI perfume bottle photography

Creative perfume bottle photography using 3D sand
Creative perfume bottle photography using 3D sand

CGI is the most efficient way to photograph perfume bottles. If you decide 3D product photography for your perfume, you will definitely save time and money. And the strange thing is that the final images will look the same, if not better, in terms of realistic appearance.

To achieve this, you simply need to model your perfume in 3D modeling software. There are two ways around this: You can have the physical product sent to you, or you can simply work with some reference images that you can take with your smartphone in less than 15 minutes. We work with reference images, for example, because it saves our customers a lot of time and money.

Thereafter, you want to texture your fragrance so that it looks as real as the product itself. For perfume bottle photography, we have many options to choose from, but the materials we end up using depend on the fragrance packaging itself.

Finally, it is important to pick the right styles for your perfume. For example, we divide our creative process into 4 different styles: catalog, minimalist, simple props, and custom. Each of these styles has its benefits, and if you would like to learn more about how to master the styles in e-commerce photography, you can read our tips and tricks here.

Comparison between traditional vs. CGI perfume product photography

Creative perfume bottle photography using fruits as ingredients
Creative perfume bottle photography using fruits as ingredients

Let’s compare traditional and CGI perfume product photography in terms of the 2 most important resources (time and money):

  • Time: Traditional studio shoots are time inefficient, and the studio session itself is not even the most time-consuming activity. Most of the time is spent on planning and scheduling, which you need to do ahead of time. On the other hand, CGI perfume photography is relatively easy and quick to set up. You just need a few minutes to take some reference pictures, and you can start working.
  • Money: traditional studio photography requires you to rent at least some of these things: Studio space, props, lighting equipment, camera equipment, backdrops, basic set building equipment, etc. For all these things, there are additional costs on top of the photographer’s hourly rate. With CGI, on the other hand, you only have to pay for the final images you receive. All the software and expertise is included in the price. Learn more about fair prices for 3D product photography here.

Things to avoid perfume product photography

Creative perfume bottle photography with CGI
Creative perfume bottle photography with CGI

Perfume bottle photography holds countless pitfalls for newcomers to this industry. We, too, have encountered many challenges that can easily turn a promising image into a terrible one. That’s why we have compiled a useful list of pitfalls to avoid and how to keep your images on track:

  • Poor product presentation: before you even think about taking scented photos, you need to take care of the packaging itself. Therefore, you should always make sure that your bottle is free from fingerprints and other impurities.
  • Too many props: If you overload a good-looking perfume bottle with unnecessary props, it will harm the overall image. For this reason, you should adjust and test the number of props you use.
  • Incorrect camera settings: If you mess up your camera settings, you can spend countless hours on something you end up not using. When you start shooting, study this area thoroughly and, ideally, get guidance from experienced photographers.


Creative perfume bottle photography with reflective surfaces
Creative perfume bottle photography with reflective surfaces

When it comes to perfume bottle photography, the possibilities for capturing creative and unique images are endless. By understanding the basic principles of composition and light manipulation, even beginners can achieve professional results when photographing these popular objects. With a little practice and patience, anyone can learn how to take beautiful photos of their favorite perfumes.

Whether you want to capture an abstract work of art or document your fragrance collection, there are many ways to use your skills to create inspiring images that represent your personal style. Experimenting with different angles and perspectives will help you get the most out of any perfume bottle photo shoot – so don’t forget to have fun!

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Examples of stunning CGI perfume bottle photography


What equipment do I need to create stunning perfume photography?

To create stunning perfume bottle images, you only need a few tools. As for equipment, experiment with different DSLR cameras, as well as several 3D modelling software.

What lighting should I use for perfume photography?

The best lighting for perfume photography is natural light and its variations. You should also consider indirect natural lighting to avoid giving your perfume a dull aspect.

Can perfume photography be done with CGI?

Yes, perfume photography can be done with CGI. It is simply a faster and cheaper way to create realistic images of a jewelry piece.

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