Beauty product photography for Muse Beauty, USA

Muse Beauty USA

This was another beauty product photography project. As more businesses start to offer their products online, they need quality images to showcase them. For this project, I worked on creating standard, white-background images, as well as creative hero images.

A little backstory about the project

A lady contacted me through my Instagram channel about her beauty product. She is based in Huntersville, New Carolina. She wanted to work with me on creating product images for her eyelashes line. Her packaging is really stunning. It is a bronze colored, round mirror case. The top has a flashy-diamond cover and the logo. Despite the cases being made from plastic, they have a glamorous feel. Inside each case is a set of black eyelash extensions.

The items arrived via post from the U.S to my studio in 4-5 days. Included was the eyelashes, packaged in a round, “Muse Beauty? case, and accompanied by a pair of scissors, eyelash gadget, and glue. Each item had the same glossy bronze color.

Putting emphases on the product

I would say shooting pictures of eyelash extensions is more challenging creatively. Not only are they small, but they are hairy. This texture doesn’t fit naturally with a shiny, copper-colored casing. The feedback from the community and client was positive, though. An important part of beauty product photography is emphasizing the product rather than the supporting background or props. It is about focusing in on the detail and quality that the product has rather than just a creative doodle.

If you have a beauty brand that needs professional product images, I would be happy to help. So, long as you can post the products to my studio, your location is not relevant. Please leave your thoughts below on what you thought of these beauty product photography images?

The shooting process

I shot the product images in one day, and the hero banner images on another day. Before taking any photos I discussed with her some ideas and asked whether I could lead the
creative approach. She was happy for me to go in and come up with the final images. However, some of her peers and friends had some feedback regarding what I delivered. In the end I created a third hero image. This one had the eyelashes removed from the casing.

For the one hero image, I laid the eyelashes, casing, and accessories out on a white surface. I shot a flat-lay style image that gave the viewer a top-down look at what is included with this product.

For the other hero image, I balanced one case onto another. The top one was slightly ajar, revealing the eyelash extensions and mirror. The bottom casing had the logo facing the camera. This one was simply yet stylish.