Furniture product video for Juhaniak Wood


Recently I got the chance to work with a furniture company. They make and sell a wide range of small and large tables. Their artistry has an edge and uniqueness to it, which makes people…

Furniture product video for Juhaniak WoodFurniture product video for Juhaniak Wood
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I recently had the opportunity to work with a furniture company. They make and sell a wide range of small and large tables. There is something special and unique about their craftsmanship that makes people want to buy them.

I was originally commissioned to photograph these beautiful hardwood tables. The idea was to help my client run their website and showcase their new products. It was not until later that I again proposed a new, separate idea to my client. I was to create a unique and high-quality furniture product video that would help my client sell their products.

Location for the shoot

Shooting furniture videos can be difficult because furniture takes up a lot of space. Especially if you are working with furniture, you need to make sure you are working in a large space. This was a wooden table that had unique bevels and edges. So I decided to shoot the piece of furniture in an open industrial space to capture the table from all angles.

Filming products is very different than photographing them. You open an image for a few seconds and then click on the next image. With photos, it’s easier to grab the viewer’s attention, but with videos, it’s not so easy. With my furniture product video, I had to make sure I could capture your attention for 15 seconds or more. It’s important to come up with a short story while making sure the focus is on the product.

So this 48 second furniture video starts with me pointing the camera at the unique hardwood table and its amazing edges. Then a lady enters the room and slides her hand over the table to touch it and feel the smoothness of the table, which helps to show how perfectly it was made by Juhaniak Wood. The video continues with the lady sitting down on a chair to read a magazine. I made sure that the video did not focus on the lady, but on the table, which is the focus of the furniture product video. I used my conceptual thinking about still life to capture the hardwood table.

I moved the light up and down to show different angles and shades of the table. The main focus of the furniture product video was the table. It was important to include the lady because movements and patterns make a product video interesting. Since movements show a lot of details and help to understand the product better, I made sure to move the camera around the table. The whole scene closes with the light falling on the table.

Editing the furniture product video

Editing a furniture product video requires as much hard work as the shoot itself. To make sure I could draw attention to the table, I had to add music to the video. Music helps add drama to the video. No one would want to watch a 48-second silent video. Music helps add impact to a product video. Even if viewers do not remember the product, the catchy tune of the furniture video stays with them. When editing, I chose a few scenes from the footage that I liked best and arranged them in a sequence that helped me show all the details of the hardwood table.


What are some challenges of creating furniture animations?

One challenge of creating furniture animations is the size of the furniture. This means you have to spend more time modeling and texturing the product before you start animating it.

How can one make a furniture product video interesting?

Movements and patterns can make a product video interesting, and it is important to create a short story while focusing on the product. Additionally, adding music to the video can help add drama and impact.

What should be the focus of a furniture product video?

The focus of the video should be on the product, in this case the hardwood table, and it is important to show all the details of the furniture.

How important is editing in creating a furniture product video?

Editing is crucial in creating a furniture product video, as it requires as much hard work as the shoot itself. Choosing the best scenes and arranging them in a 3D modeling software helps to effectively showcase the product and draw attention to it. Adding music to the video can also help to add impact and draw the viewer’s attention.

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