Shampoo photography project for Percy & Reed – London, UK

It is no surprise that a consumer behavior has evolved over the years. They are subliminally demanding businesses to create a remarkable advertising campaign of a product that would resonate with their needs and emotions…

Shampoo photography project for Percy & Reed – London, UKShampoo photography project for Percy & Reed – London, UK
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It is no surprise that a consumer behavior has evolved over the years. They are subliminally demanding businesses to create a remarkable advertising campaign of a product that would resonate with their needs and emotions simultaneously. Similarly, the art of shampoo photography plays a crucial role in showcasing the product’s features and benefits effectively.

On the other hand, the trend of ‘product photography’ has increased immensely over the years. Marketers want to work with top-notch photographers for capturing ethereal images that would appeal to their target audience. In this case, Percy & Reed is a London, UK based company, but their marketing team is based out of New York while me in Slovakia, distance don’t mater here.

About this shampoo photography project

As a photographer, I strive to include several concepts of photography into my work. I have had the opportunity to excel in still photography to accustom to the individual needs of my clients. I fundamentally believe that opting for still imagery for shampoo photography has a huge impact on the marketability of the product, and it resonates with a consumer in several ways.

The main role of shampoo photography is to evoke a feeling in a consumer, and they make a purchase decision of the product based on their sentimental for a product. If a shampoo product photography depicts a product in a serene and peaceful background, the consumer would be compelled to think that the product’s benefit or its scent would bring serenity to it.

Working with Percy & Reed

I have maintained a long-term work relationship with Percy & Reed and I have had the chance to work on several projects with them. The shampoo photography project by Percy & Reed required me to create innovative and captivating imagery of the product sent to me by them. They sent me their hair care product, along with a specific brief, where they stipulated their requirements on how they would like the images done.

I understood the requirements of the project, and I started arranging for props that would be an essential part of the photography session. The main objective of the project requirements was to evoke a feeling of liveliness to the images and induce a feeling of spark of them. While, it took me a while to communicate on the requirements of the project, it was pretty clear to me that the client wanted an integration of laboratory and spa in a single imagery.

Bringing lab into the spa

As a part of the project, I started to hunt for cheap and affordable laboratory glass to rent. I was able to acquire a set of laboratory glass without paying a full price. Then, to incorporate a feeling of spa to the imagery, they wanted me to incorporate a series of ingredients used for manufacturing the product; such as, Aloe Vera, chamomile flowers, and on top of that, they wanted a combination of glass and water.

With all the props in place, I experimented with the positioning of the glass and ingredients, and I maneuvered the hair care product accordingly. In my opinion, the use of glass and water attributed to the background, and the future addition of leaves and flowers enhanced the aesthetical element of the photograph.

Client was really happy with final images and now they can move on with their campaign.


Why should I use CGI for my shampoo photography?

CGI can offer several benefits, such as the ability to showcase a product from any angle, create unique and eye-catching visuals, and reduce costs associated with traditional photoshoots. It also allows for easy adjustments and modifications to the final image.

How does CGI affect the final look of the shampoo product?

CGI can enhance the visual appeal of the shampoo product by creating more vivid colors, adding special effects like shine and movement, and controlling the lighting to highlight key features. It can also eliminate imperfections that might be present in real-life product shots.

Can CGI be used for different types of shampoo products?

Yes, CGI can be applied to various types of shampoo products, such as color-treated, volume-boosting, or anti-dandruff shampoos. It can even be used to create dynamic product visuals for limited edition or special promotional products.

What are the best practices for creating shampoo photography with CGI?

Some key best practices include creating a detailed and accurate 3D model of the shampoo product, using high-quality textures and simulated lighting, and ensuring that the product’s label or branding is clearly visible.

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