Overcoming challenges in CGI jewelry photography

Capturing the brilliance and perfection of a diamond or the enchanting radiance of a pearl is a daunting challenge for many photographers. But in the hands of an experienced professional, the beauty and romantic essence…

Overcoming challenges in CGI jewelry photographyOvercoming challenges in CGI jewelry photography
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Capturing the brilliance and perfection of a diamond or the enchanting radiance of a pearl is a daunting challenge for many photographers. But in the hands of an experienced professional, the beauty and romantic essence of jewelry is expertly captured. Combine CGI with skill and vision and results a stunning, high-quality, and aesthetically pleasing image. Let your business blossom with the power of 3D rendering!

Check out this guide for overcoming challenges in CGI jewelry product photography by reading the article below.

Common challenges

Many believe it is difficult to take clear and sharp photos of jewelry, due to its size and reflective surfaces. While this is true, there is more to it than that. Poorly prepared gemstones, shadow-casting props, and a few shooting angles are challenges that are often overlooked.

Poorly prepared gemstones

Gemstones jewelry photography
Poorly prepared gemstones

The most important rule when preparing any type of jewelry for a product photography session is to ensure it is thoroughly clean. If it has gemstones, you should also clean them comprehensively so they do not become opaque.

A gemstone’s inner workings, for instance, should always show up in your photo, as your clients will be interested to see how many cuts a diamond has. So, to accurately capture it on camera, the gem has to be spotless, scratch-free, and clear.

The best way to clean them is to have a professional do it, but if you want to take it into your own hands, use a soft microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the surfaces.

Overshadowing props

Another challenge in photographing jewelry products is the positioning of the props. You will need diverse props and stands for certain jewelry and additional items to make the image visually pleasing.

However, if placed incorrectly, you will create more shadows and stray light that could prevent you from showing the jewelry to its full effect. To avoid this, you should increase the lighting, change the shooting angle, or even change the props.

For example, you might find it beautiful for a feather or a leaf to stay above the jewelry, or maybe you consider hanging the jewelry from it. In this case, make sure the prop’s shadow does not land on the gemstone or any other surface of the jewelry. Otherwise, it will detract from your subject’s beauty – the jewelry itself.

Few angles to shoot from

Due to their diminutive size and difficile set-up, there are only a limited number of angles from which you can shoot in traditional jewelry product photography. The height of the camera plays an important role in the position of the jewelry. If it is too low, the accuracy of the jewelry shape can be compromised. Too high, on the other hand, will affect the overall aesthetics of the image. You should aim for a 45-degree tilt to achieve a pleasing, satisfactory result. In addition, a flat lay angle may be a good option to showcase the precise contour of the piece.

Although traditional photography has some challenges when capturing jewelry, this is where technology can make a difference. Discover how CGI can help transform these challenges.

CGI: Turning challenges into opportunities

CGI Turning challenges into opportunities
CGI Turning challenges into opportunities

Endless creative possibilities and complete control over your entire image with a few clicks, limitless reshooting and restyling, fast remodeling, and more, are what CGI offers to its users. A digital representation of your product will attract more customers to your business, providing you with the recognition you deserve, while helping you increase your revenue.

Instant editing and retouching with a simple click

CGI simplifies the entire process, including the post-production phase, providing enhanced results faster and hassle-free.

For example, you can instantly modify the lighting, add more of it, or reduce it with a few clicks. With CGI there is no such thing as unclear gemstones or opaque peals in your jewelry product photography, as everything is modeled and rendered at high quality.

Additionally, if you have more jewelry from the same collection but with different colors, you can immediately adjust the initial model and give it a new look. This prevents wasting time while offering you refined images in a more budget-friendly way.

Capture every angle in your digital realm

CGI allows you to explore even the smallest details of the jewelry. It is a replica, so you can zoom in and out, rotate the image, and view it from all angles, just as you would with the original. This allows you to create realistic images with specific angles that would be impossible to achieve in reality.

Giving your audience a detailed and accurate view will build trust in your brand. They will be able to see exactly what they are going to buy, so they will be more inclined to acquire it.

Style your shot your way

Style your shot your way
Style your shot your way

With a 3D rendering of your product, you also can style it as you want. From product photography with a white background and a focus on a particular feature, you can instantly turn it into a new image, like a collection shot.

You can add some props, change the background, and restyle the position of the jewelry so it will be more in focus. Everything is done digitally, with just a few clicks, without the need to recreate it in real life. If you need help styling it, we are always happy to help. Just show us the product, and we will do the rest.

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Wrapping up

To sum up, capturing the brilliance and perfection of precious jewelry is a challenge for photographers. However, when skills and CGI combine, the result is breathtaking. Use technology to overcome the physical challenges from a traditional photo session and provide your products and brand with artistic possibilities and increased revenue.


How can I improve my jewelry photography skills?

While it’s true that practice makes perfect, there are a few tricks you can add your your arsenal.

  • Use the right lens. A good camera followed by a macro lens can help improve your skills.
  • Use a tripod to minimize camera shake.
  • Keep your jewelry lit up with enough lighting.
  • Select the correct settings on your camera before shooting.

Will my 3D product look realistic?

Absolutely! Our renderings are a 1:1 with the original. So, you can rest assured that we will recreate all the details of your product, so it will be identical with the real one.

Do I need a CGI product photography?

Although your business can go on without a CGI render, if you wish to increase your professionalism and attract more customers, a 3D digital representation will work wonders.

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