How to photograph a perfume bottle

Perfume product photography is a topic that will become more and more prevalent in the future, both in terms of stunning images and competition. Big fragrance brands with huge marketing budgets are constantly investing in…

How to photograph a perfume bottleHow to photograph a perfume bottle
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Perfume product photography is a topic that is becoming more and more prevalent in this era, both in terms of stunning images and competition. Here you will learn about best practices of photograph a perfume bottle. Big fragrance brands with huge marketing budgets are constantly investing in their visuals, and the need for variety is now greater than ever. Fortunately, with a simple and basic understanding of perfume product photography techniques, and a little help from experienced photographers, you can still keep up with the big names in the game – all you require is creativity.

Do you have a straightforward plan to improve the visual appeal of your perfume? Actually, everyone thinks so, in one way or another. But it’s not until you get a second opinion that you can really understand how good your creative perfume photography plan is – especially if that second opinion comes from photographers who have a lot of experience shooting perfume bottles. So, spend your next 8 minutes with us to find out what improvements you can add to your next creative perfume photography project.

Planning perfume bottle photography shoot

Plan perfume bottle photography shoot
Planning perfume bottle photography shoot

You are probably familiar with Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, “He who does not prepare, prepares for failure” – and this is especially true for perfume product photography. A perfect photo shoot can leave a lasting impression on your customers and enhance your brand image. When planning a perfume photo shoot, you need to consider several factors.

First, decide on the style of perfume photography and mood you want to convey with your photos. Do you want to evoke luxury, elegance or other feelings associated with your brand? Choose a theme that fits your brand’s identity and your target audience. Moreover, choose the right props to complement the perfume bottle and add depth to the photo. These can be flowers, fabrics, or even food items like fruit or chocolates. Try to use props that either have an appealing texture, or your perfume’s ingredients that people can feel connected to.

Best techniques

Are you ready to delve deeper into the best perfume product photography techniques you can implement right now? Let’s not waste any more time, here they are!

Prepare and clean your perfume

Perfume photography in hand, best perfume product photography
Prepare and clean your perfume

Creative perfume photography requires a lot of attention to detail. From picking the right bottle and background to perfect lighting, every aspect of the image must be carefully selected. However, an often overlooked step in creating a stunning perfume photo is cleaning and preparing the perfume beforehand. You must start with a clean bottle. Use a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth to remove any dust or stains from the surface. If there are fingerprints on the bottle, gently wipe them away with a mild soap solution.

Pick the proper equipment

Creative perfume photography requires special equipment to get a high-quality image that shows off your perfume’s unique personality. The most important equipment is a camera with excellent resolution and color accuracy. A high-quality DSLR camera or a mirrorless camera is ideal for capturing intricate details and vibrant colors that make perfume bottles stand out.

Another essential tool for perfume product photography is a tripod. It ensures that the camera remains stable during the shot, reducing the risk of blurry images. It also allows you to experiment with different angles without worrying about the camera shaking or moving.

Other helpful equipment includes lighting kits, reflectors, and diffusers. Lighting kits can provide even illumination of the subject, while reflectors can bounce light into darker areas of the image.

Get inspired by your fragrance

perfume product photography - Perfume sky photography
Get inspired by your fragrance

When it comes to perfume product photography, there are many places to look for inspiration, especially the bottle itself. A careful analysis of the bottle’s shape, size, and ingredients is an important starting point for your creative perfume photography project.

If you’re a fragrance lover, it’s even better because you know how significant it is to capture the essence of your scent in photos. Moreover, if done right, perfume photography can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. One way to do this is to focus on the details of your perfume, such as the design of the bottle or the scent notes. This way, you not only show off your perfume, but also create visually stunning and memorable images.

To get inspired by the details of your perfume when photographing it, start by looking at the packaging. Look for unique features like embossed logos or textured glass that can add depth to your photo. Then, consider how you want to highlight the fragrance notes of your perfume. In the next section, you’ll learn all about the best props you can use.

Choose the appropriate props

product photography props
Choose the appropriate props

Perfume product photography is all about showcasing the beauty and elegance of a perfume bottle. However, choosing the right props can take your creative perfume photography to a whole new level. It’s important that the props complement the perfume bottle and don’t overpower it.

The first step in choosing appropriate props for perfume product photography is to consider the theme or mood of your shoot. If you’re going for a romantic mood, you can use soft fabrics like lace or tulle as a backdrop. A minimalist look can be achieved with simple geometric shapes like triangles or squares in neutral colors.

Another factor to consider is the color scheme of the perfume you choose. You can use complementary or contrasting colors to create an interesting visual effect that will highlight the fragrance.

Finally, you can use the actual ingredients used in making your perfume as props. This way, you’ll give your viewers a realistic sense of your perfume’s scent, making the prospect of buying a real possibility.

Post-processing is key

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With the right post-processing techniques, you can improve your fragrance images to make them look more appealing and attractive to potential customers. Some commonly used editing programs for product photography are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Capture One, and you can use any of them effectively for your purposes.

Shooting in RAW format is important because it gives you more flexibility in editing your images later. This means you can fine-tune elements such as white balance, tones, and exposure levels without compromising image quality. Secondly, you should focus on increasing the contrast of your images by adjusting shadows and highlights accordingly. This way, you can bring out any fine details of your product that may have been lost in the shoot. Learn more about how you should use editing tools and software in our recent related article.


Creative perfume photography is an art form in itself. The process of capturing the essence of a perfume bottle in a photograph can be challenging, but with the right techniques, it can be done effectively.

With all that being said, would you like to save your time and spend your efforts on further expanding your business, while seasoned photographers take care of your visual appearance? If your answer is yes, we’re here to help you elevate your brand to a whole new level. Using only the latest technology in product photography, we’re able to create stunning imagery for any type of platform remotely, with no hassle on your part. Take a brief look at our portfolio, and get in touch – we’re excited to meet you!


Why is it important to photograph a perfume bottle?

Photographing a perfume bottle is crucial for marketing and promotional purposes. High-quality product images can attract customers, convey the brand’s image, and enhance the overall visual appeal of the product.

What equipment do I need to photograph a perfume bottle?

To get started with perfume product photography, you need a quality DSLR camera, a sturdy tripod, and some lighting equipment in case you’re shooting indoors.

How can I create an appealing composition for perfume bottle photography?

To create an appealing composition for your perfume bottle photography, make sure to experiment with as many props, backgrounds, and illumination sources as possible. Furthermore, you should always pay attention to your perfume bottle’s state, and clean it whenever necessary to create a professional look all throughout your imagery.

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