Exploring different styles of perfume photography

How many styles of perfume photography do you have on your roster at the moment? Whether you’re a perfume manufacturer or just a photographer looking to gain the experience you need, you could probably improve…

Exploring different styles of perfume photographyExploring different styles of perfume photography
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How many styles of perfume photography do you have on your roster at the moment? Whether you’re a perfume manufacturer or just a photographer looking to gain the experience you need, you could probably improve your perfume product photography a bit.

Perfumes are the epitome of luxury and elegance. It’s no wonder that perfume bottles, with their unique shapes, colors, and designs, are among the most photographed products in the beauty industry. However, it’s not easy to capture the seductive scent of a perfume in a single image. That’s why there are different styles of perfume photography that can be used to showcase every aspect of a perfume. Spend your next few minutes with us, and learn all the necessary techniques and styles to effectively shoot your fragrance.

Planning your perfume photoshoot

Perfume photography - Attractive perfume photoshot ideas
Planning your perfume photoshoot

Perfume product photography is not just about capturing the scent of a perfume, but also about embodying its essence. A well-planned photo shoot can make all the difference when it comes to highlighting the unique qualities of your perfume brand and attracting customers. So, how do you plan a successful perfume product photography photo shoot? – Here are some tips.

First, you need to decide on the style of perfume photography that best suits your brand. You can choose between different styles, including catalog, minimalistic, simple props, and custom. The catalog style focuses on creating simple images that you can use in your catalog, while the minimalistic style typically features a cheerful shadow play and minimal background distractions.

The simple props and custom styles, on the other hand, are considerably more intricate and aid in establishing a connection with your audience through diverse props, ranging from straightforward and geometric shapes to organic props. For a comprehensive list of proven styles that you can employ in your following perfume photography shoot, check out the next section.

Best styles of perfume photography

Without further ado, let’s get right to business! Here are some of Welpix’s top choices when it comes to styles of perfume photography.

Catalog style

Catalog style of perfume photography
Catalog style

One style that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the catalog style or white background style. In this technique, products are photographed on a plain white background to give your e-commerce store’s catalog an elegant and sophisticated look.

The main advantage of catalog style is its simplicity. The focus is entirely on the perfume bottle, which makes it easier for the consumer to recognize the product and its unique features. In addition, this technique creates the illusion of generosity by eliminating distracting elements from the background, which helps to improve the overall aesthetics of an image.

Another advantage of this catalog perfume photography style is its versatility. It works well for different types of fragrances and bottle designs, from simple cylindrical shapes to more complex shapes with intricate details or curves.

Minimalistic style

The inclusion of images that highlight the distinctive features of each fragrance is easily represented by minimalism, which is characterized by simplicity and a focus on essential elements.

Minimalistic perfume product photography features clean lines, a striking shadow play, and simple backgrounds. The images are often free of distracting elements like props or elaborate lighting. Instead, they focus on the design of the bottle and label, highlighting the unique features with precision.

The minimalistic style also emphasizes negative space to give the subject room to breathe. This approach adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the image while providing a sleek and modern esthetic. Minimalistic perfume product photography uses less to achieve more – it shows fragrances in their purest form with minimal distraction and maximum impact.

Simple props style

Simple props style
Simple props style

There are several styles of perfume photography, one of which is the simple props style. This style relies on a combination of minimalism and simple objects, focusing on the perfume bottle itself.

Simple prop style perfume photography uses only a few carefully selected props, usually simple geometric shapes, to complement the bottle. The goal is to highlight the beauty and elegance of the bottle without distracting from it with too many accessories or backdrops. The props used are typically neutral in color and texture, such as plain white or black backgrounds, wooden blocks or small trays for display purposes.

In addition, lighting is crucial in this type of photography to create a clean and clear image while highlighting the details of the perfume bottle.

Custom style

Custom style
Custom style

In perfume product photography, the custom style involves using carefully crafted objects and materials to create a setting that complements and highlights the perfume.

Custom props are often made specifically for each photo shoot to ensure they are perfectly tailored to your brand and the fragrance being promoted. These can range from simple floral or fruit arrangements to elaborate sets with furniture and detailed backdrops. The goal is to create an atmosphere that evokes the moods and emotions associated with the fragrance and helps consumers connect with it more deeply.

The necessary skill set

As an entrepreneur, you need to have certain skills if you want to shoot high-quality perfume photos yourself. One of the most important skills is the knowledge of lighting techniques. You should be able to use different types of lighting such as natural light, artificial light, and studio light. You also need to know how these different types of lighting can affect your final image. Natural light, for example, can create soft shadows, while studio light gives the image a more dramatic look.

Another skill you should have as a beginner photographer is an understanding of the equipment needed for perfume photography. You will need a camera with good resolution and sharpness to capture the intricate details on perfume bottles or packaging designs. In addition, you may need lenses with macro capabilities or even special lighting equipment such as ring flashes or diffusers. You can learn more about these techniques and equipment in our dedicated article here.

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Perfume photography is an art that has been developed and perfected over time. It involves capturing the essence of a perfume bottle in a single image, showcasing its unique design, color, and fragrance. There are different styles of perfume photography that can be used, depending on the brand’s objective and the message it intends to convey – you only require that creative push.

If, however, you want to save both time and money to focus on other aspects of your business, we’ll handle your perfume product photography for you. Using only the most intricate and latest technologies in photography, we’re able to deliver your dream imagery faster than you’ve ever seen. Get in touch now, and let us show you all the wonderful things we can do with your product. 


What are the different styles of perfume photography?

There are several styles of perfume photography, including catalog, minimalist, simple props, and custom style.

What are some tips for capturing stunning perfume photographs?

Tips for stunning perfume photos include understanding the brand and fragrance to accurately capture its essence, experimenting with different compositions and angles, paying attention to lighting and reflections, using props and backgrounds strategically, and post-processing images to increase their visual appeal.

What equipment is typically used in perfume photography?

Perfume photography often requires a professional camera, lenses with macro capabilities for close-ups, lighting equipment such as strobes or continuous lights, reflectors, diffusers, and a variety of props to enhance the visual appeal.

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