Still Life Photography Tutorials & Education for Photographers

Still Life Photography Tutorials and Education

Hello friends and fellow photographers.

Those who follow my work know I have been creating short video tutorials and tips around still life photography for some time now. If you’ve seen and enjoyed my work on YouTube, Instagram or the website, I appreciate your support.

I’ve received loads of requests lately for more videos. People have reached out to me for more tutorials, more examples of my still life photography processes, and for explanations on how to set up studios, use software and sell your services.

Due to all this support and interest, I have put together a questionnaire to help me understand more about you, the viewer. These questions will help me understand my audience better, ultimately allowing me to create content that is more crafted towards what you want. By filling in this form, you offer me some insight into your skill level, interests, and issues regarding photography, and the tools and software that you utilize. The goal for these tutorials is to help build up your knowledge around still life photography, to improve your portfolios, and start charging more money for your work.

You are welcome to share this with your friends, colleagues, and photography communities. The more people we can reach with this questionnaire, the more information I will have available to make decisions around the type of media, format and pricing involved in the creation of still life photography tutorials.

Again, thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing your answers below. This will be the beginning of my stilllifeacademy.com – educational video tutorials for you.