Christmas product photography tips for a festive business image

Christmas is just around the corner, and the festive mood is filling the air. Products of all kinds are on display, with sales and inviting promos. So, how can your business compete with the market…

Christmas product photography tips for a festive business imageChristmas product photography tips for a festive business image
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Christmas is just around the corner, and the festive mood is filling the air. Products of all kinds are on display, with sales and inviting promos. So, how can your business compete with the market and stand out from the rest? Through how you display your products in this joyous season – with high-quality, professional-made Christmas product images. 

While you might be tempted to snap a few quick shots with your phone and consider it done, reflect on outsourcing the photography service so your brand and products receive the attention they deserve. It will also make all the difference for your customers, as an eye-catching, professional image will inspire them to purchase. But without further ado, let us put on our Santa hats and dive right in.

What makes Christmas product photographs special?

What makes Christmas product photographs special
What makes Christmas product photographs special

A mix of technical aspects and sentimental value added to any product photo will transform it into a seasonal, ready-to-impress Christmas product image.

Sentimental value

Christmas is the international holiday of positive emotions like warmth, light, joy, and laughter. Adding these emotions to your product image will stir your customers’ excitement and desire to buy gifts, decorate, and be more generous with their loved ones. In turn, your business will reach a larger audience and generate more profit. So, it is a win-win situation.

For instance, you can start by adding a bit of seasonal colors to your set images. Instead of showcasing your beauty products with a white background, try changing it to one that inspires a more homey feeling. You can even consider adding a few models to the set to create a warm, family-like atmosphere.

Technical elements

Technical elements
Technical elements

Other essential elements to increase the Christmas mood in your product images include holiday-inspired props, particular colors, and lighting.

  • When it comes to props, you can use any element that helps your audience associate the image with Christmas. These can range from Santa depictions, Christmas trees, candles, and presents to more natural elements such as pine cones, snow, snowflakes, holly, and boughs, or fairy lights and stars. If the product allows, you can even add a few spices, like cinnamon, to intensify the mood.
  • As for colors, you can opt for the traditional red background or more modern colors such as soft pink, light brown, and even blue. Silver, green, and gold are also associated with Christmas, so you can experiment with them and choose a color palette that best suits the products. Also, you can use glitter to make everything sparkle and set a festive mood.
  • Playing with the lighting is also a perfect way to increase the Christmas coziness and warmth. Go for soft, warm light with red, yellow, and orange tints. You will set the mood and transpose your customers into the perfect Christmas scene. You can also consider adding fairy lights, bouncing lights, or candles. Additionally, consider using different textures, like wool or patterned fabrics. These will make the product stand out even more while creating a visually appealing image.

Make the product images more personal and relatable by adding a touch of color and elements that suggest and increase the mood. Remember that Christmas is about family, light, and warmth, so try adding colors, props, and lighting to surprise that exact feeling.

Let it snow with trends and ideas for your Christmas product photoshoot!

Several Christmas product photography trends and recurring themes, props, and ideas have shown excellent results in the festive season already. To stand out, add your personal touch to them and help your products don their festive coats for your next Christmas product photoshoot.



Although some bottles already have a festive design, you can enhance that feeling by adding a touch of color in the background. Even a simple switch, like a red background, will make a difference for your customers. You can stylize the shot by adding gift boxes, sparkle, and glitter. Also, you can use additional lights to illuminate the perfume and reduce harsh shadows.

Choose colors that either complement the bottle or enhance its vibrancy. For example, if the perfume has rich, deep shades of purple, opt for a gold or pink background. For a white bottle, you can choose a Christmas tree with some colorful lights in the background while placing the perfume in the foreground.

Cosmetic items

When it comes to beauty products and Christmas displays, the sky’s the limit. Already colorful and wrapped in an attractive package, you can easily play around with them to create an eye-catching composition. For example, you can set them up flat, in the shape of a Christmas tree, or hang them directly in the tree itself.

Another idea is to use the boxes they come with and set them up vertically in a triangular-like shape. Then, add the products on the edges. This shape will create the illusion of a Christmas tree. Additionally, you can opt for a classic image by placing the products in the snow and adding snowflakes. Or, if you’re looking for a more glamorous and elegant feel, a gift box with a few globes around and a red ribbon will suffice as decoration.

Jewelry and watches

Jewelry and watches
Jewelry and watches

For timepieces and jewelry, there are two ways to go about photographing them. The first one is to keep them apart from the background and props, by placing them right in the middle of the shot. Add festive decorations like pine cones, berries, ribbons, and lights around them, without interfering with the products. This will make the product the center of attention, while subtly helping the client get in a festive mood.

The second method is to include the subjects in the decorum. If, for example, you have a jewelry set, you can use a gift box to display it. For necklaces and bracelets, you can even hang them on a Christmas tree branch, while watches can be photographed “hiding” among globes, for a more impactful image. Let your creativity flow and experiment with different styles.

Other types of products

The Christmas product photography ideas can include several other decorations and props, depending on what you plan to display. The most important element is the setting and the vibe you want to show in that image. So, here are a few ideas of how you can set other products up for a Christmas display.

  • A mug with steam and a few cookies, with fire or fairy lights in the background;
  • A wrapped present with holly, your logo on the gift tag, and a few globes around it;
  • Crackers on a decorated table with your branded plate set;
  • Stocking by the fireplace filled with your branded products;
  • Santa’s wish list with your products around it and snow in the background;

These are just a few ideas to help you get inspired for your Christmas photoshoot, so, feel free to add more to them. Experiment with different lights, backgrounds, and colors and opt for one that suits your products best. Also, you can always be bold and start your trend, one that represents your brand and displays its values. We can also help you with more ideas for your products, so feel free to contact us!

How to style your own Christmas product photoshoot

How to style your own Christmas product photoshoot title
How to style your own Christmas product photoshoot title

With dedication, a bit of patience, and inspiration, you can gift your business with high-quality, handmade Christmas product photographs. Here’s how you can do it.

Decide on a product you want to photograph

The first step is to decide which product is best suited for the festive season. Although you might be tempted to pick several, stick to only one in the beginning, as time is essential. Pick something that can be easily gifted to others, but also has an eye-catching design. This way, you will captivate your audience and will subtly urge them to make the purchase.

Wrap it up in an attractive way

Once you’ve decided on a particular item, consider how you want to stylize the shoot. Where are you going to use it? Maybe you can use it in a brochure, on a voucher, or in your social media campaign, besides your website. Depending on this you might find yourself in need of several props and backgrounds.

When deciding the overall structure of your shot, consider the color scheme, background, and if the product requires a model. Try to keep the colors as festive as possible, while complementing the product, keeping it as the main focus. Use different backgrounds and textures, but keep the overall theme as grounded in Christmas elements as possible.

Photoshoot, lights, and edits

Once your set is ready, it’s time to start the photoshoot. Use natural lighting as much as possible, as it will diffuse shadows and soften harsh edges. However, if you’re using artificial lighting, opt for warm tones of gold, orange and red. These will enhance the mood and will provide the cozy, warm feeling of holidays. Keep a balance between a crisp, clear image of your product and a detailed background. Make sure the product is in focus, but include as many seasonal elements as possible.

All in all, with patience and dedication, you can obtain your own Christmas product photography shots right from the comfort of your home. Take your time and experiment with props and lighting until you get the result you are looking for.

Christmas product photography with CGI

Christmas product photography with CGI
Christmas product photography with CGI

A fantastic alternative to traditionally setting up everything for a Christmas photoshoot is to switch to its digital version, CGI. It is a more affordable option, providing faster results more conveniently.

Since it is a digital medium, it connects you with your idea faster than a traditional set. Once you create the 3D product, you can instantly access it, allowing you to set it up in different ways and choose the best-set option for the festive seasons. This way, you save time and see results.

Another opportunity CGI offers you is the ability to change the entire theme, colors, and props with just a few clicks. For example, you can immediately change that red ribbon with a white one, add more glitters to the set, or add snow-like effects. Using this freedom to create the perfect holiday product image will result in breathtaking, highly realistic photos.

Moreover, opting for a CGI render is a more convenient alternative since it allows you to set everything up from the comfort of your home. This way, you can spend more time with your loved ones and family, instead of being in a studio. And the results are of the same quality, if not higher! If you decide to collaborate with us, we will do everything for you so you can enjoy Christmas at your leisure.

CGI is an alternative worth mentioning and considering when it comes to different types of product photography, especially festive ones. The digital medium will help you save time and resources, providing a convenient way of achieving great results.

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, Christmas is the perfect time to help your product dress up in a new coat and attract new customers. Take advantage of the joyous mood, the warmth, and the gift-giving atmosphere and transform your business into a flourishing one with high-quality product photos.


What is the best decoration for a Christmas product photoshoot?

Anything and everything Christmas-related is perfect for the set. Ribbons, pine cones, globes, snow, glitter, or even berries can help transform the image into a festive one. You can also add a touch of color to make everything spicy.

Is there a particular technique I should use when photographing Christmas products?

While there is no particular rule just for Christmas products, you should always try and get a clear shot of your product. For a more festive photo, add thematic elements like bows, Santa hats, globes, and warm light, and make sure the overall mood of the image is one of warmth and coziness.

Does it matter if I take the photos or have them professionally done?

You can always take the photoshoot into your own hands and prepare a home studio. However, during the festive season, you will probably want to spend more time with your family and friends.

So, to free your schedule and obtain high-quality photos at once, consider having the photoshoot professionally done by a photographer. Or, if you want faster results with a more budget-friendly option, you can consider using CGI.

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