Watch Photography Project for Twissic

The second photograph and the theme behind it came about in a less orthodox way. I was in a scrapyard with my father, and we stumbled across a pile of used, metal gears. These are…

Watch Photography Project for TwissicWatch Photography Project for Twissic
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Transmission Gears

Watch Photography Project: The second photograph and the theme behind it came about in a less orthodox way. I was in a scrapyard with my father, and we stumbled across a pile of used, metal gears. These are most likely from old vehicles. I made the connection between the watch photography and gears, and how they symbolize the internal components of the piece. The owner of the junkyard was happy to sell several of the gears for almost nothing. I purchased two of them, they weighed 15 kilograms at least.

The way the gears turn both symbolize the passing of time, but also how the clock is mechanical in nature. The setup for watch photography shoot was straight forward and I will show you how to do it yourself in my tutorial. I cleaned and scrubbed the gears to remove any grit. This also allowed the camera to capture the goldish-copper tones of the metal.

Further, the black watch strap would have not contrasted well if the gears were left in their original state. The image really packs a punch when it comes to the finer details. It is easy to notice the raw, worked leather against the smooth, mechanical jaws of the gears. Again, this image received positive accolades online. I believe the meaning of “wheels of time’ will resonate with potential buyers.

What are your thoughts on the above two images? If you would like to learn watch product photography, remember to sign up for my new course.

Watch Photography Lightining Technique

Time is often insignificant outside of our planet. It is only in our world where it has any meaning. We often associate the sunrise with a new day or the passing of time. In this setting, the watch represents time on our planet. I laid the watch across a curved sheet of paper as if it were wrapping around a planet. Behind it, the light created a sunrise effect. To achieve this, I placed a large whiteboard behind the subject. A large studio light beamed through the board and onto the subject. This created a soft, diffused light. Some of the light rays crawled up from under the board, contributing to the sunrise effect.

Another light source was cast overhead, this time with a more narrow focal point. This helped illuminate the backdrop, whilst engulfing the strap and base into darkness. If you study the final watch photography image, you will notice that the gold outer ring of the case remains visible, but the straps have disappeared from view. The brand, Twissic, is still clear and in focus just below the escaping light. I will go into detail on how I set up and edited this photograph in my tutorial. The videos will break down the entire process needed to recreate this watch photography result.

3D Watch Animations

Whether it’s digital watches, analog watches or some other touch of personal, the world of fashion accessories is incredibly competitive. With thousands of products available at the click of a button, high quality watch photography to convince those potential customers to choose yours is more vital than ever. Learn more about our CGI watch photography service

3D Watch Animation - Watch product photography


What is watch photography?

Watch photography is a specialized field of photography that focuses on capturing high-quality images of watches for marketing, advertising, or editorial purposes. It involves using specific lighting techniques and camera angles to showcase the unique features of the watch, such as the dial, bezel, case, and movement.

What is 3D watch animation by CGI?

3D watch animation by CGI (computer-generated imagery) is a digital process that creates realistic, three-dimensional animations of watches. It involves using specialized software and digital models to simulate the movements and functions of the watch, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience.

Why is watch photography important?

Watch photography is important because it allows watchmakers and retailers to showcase their products in the best possible light. High-quality images can help to generate interest and increase sales, particularly in an increasingly competitive market. Watch photography can also be used for editorial purposes, such as in magazines or online publications.

What are the benefits of 3D watch animation by CGI?

3D watch animation by CGI offers several benefits, including the ability to create photorealistic images and animations that showcase the unique features of the watch. It allows for greater control over the lighting and camera angles, resulting in a more dynamic and engaging visual experience. 3D animations can also be used for marketing purposes, such as on social media or in advertising campaigns.

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