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Studio product photography price

When pricing for studio product photography, a few key areas are taken into account. The cost of your project will depend on factors including the type of imagery you go for, the number of images required and your preferred style.

A few things to consider

1. Product shipping

The cost of shipping your product to us for a shoot is easy to overlook, but definitely worth taking note of. Depending on where you are from, the size of your products and how many you are sending, shipping costs may vary. Additionally, depending on the nature of the shoot, your product may not be returnable.

2. Type of images

Catalog images

If you’re looking for white background catalog images, you can generally expect a faster turnaround and slightly lower costs, as these types of shoot are usually much simpler than creative product photography.

Creative images

Conversely, creative images are much more elaborate and time-consuming, and therefore usually come with a higher price point. It’s also worth considering that certain props may also be required to create your desired set or effects.

3. Number of images

In order to receive an accurate price estimate for your project, it’s important to inform us of exactly how many images in each style you require, as well as the purpose of those images. For example, you may need a few creative images for your website banner and social media, alongside a collection of catalog images for product listings.

4. Creative style

If you’re opting for creative imagery, pricing will be dependent on how elaborate your desired effects are, and the length of time required to execute the shoot to a high standard. By providing an accurate description of your vision alongside a mood board, we can provide a more precise quote to match your project’s unique needs. 

5. Retouching

Retouching is particularly vital in studio photography, which is why this stage is mandatory for any project we take on. Depending on the nature of your product and goals, retouching may include basic color correction or be much more extensive, with overall project price adjusted accordingly.

Catalog vs Creative images

If you’re unsure as to whether you would like creative or catalog studio photography for your product, take a look at this page to find out how these styles differ.