Jewelry Photography Course of Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets for Dora Fashion

I recently released a jewelry photography course on achieving a beam of light through a stack of leather bracelets, so for the record I would like to write an article about it. The image received positive reviews, both from the client, and those viewing it online. If you haven’t seen the course, you can read more about it, and sign up here: https://stilllifeacademy.com/course/jewelry-photography/ 

About the Course

This jewelry photography course will break down the process and editing involved in creating this stunning visual. It will explain how to achieve the lighting, composition and styling of the vertical light beam as it pierces through a stack of leather bracelets. A special emphasis will be placed on the set up, as well as, post-production editing. The leather bracelets used for this image are from Dora Fashion.

I am excited to announce that I’ve set up a world map where my students, and those that have signed up for the course, can leave a pinpoint to where they are based in the world. It is always interesting to see where others are living, and how global the still life photography community is. You can find the world map, and leave your location pin, here: https://stilllifeacademy.com/course/jewelry-photography/ 

This photography course aims to teach the learner about still life photography at a production level. Commercial Still life photography requires a high level of skill and is used for the depiction of products. Regardless of your skill level, the course will benefit your knowledge. We will examine the artistic styling used in the bracelets, as well as, the effect achieved by the beaming light, against the contrasting tones of the backdrop. Follow through each video lecture and learn with me as I work through the entire process. Remember to pause and reflect what is being taught, we encourage you to take notes and ask questions. Good luck!

The Subject

Adhesive tape played a big role in positioning the leather bracelets in a way that made them appear to be floating. Initially, I tried using fishing gut (nylon) but the stack would not remain in a vertical line. It also didn’t offer the same rigidity or firmness that the tape did. I started with taping two long strips of adhesive tape onto the c-stand.

They ran in parallel to each other downwards. Next. I attached four leather bracelets over the two lines of tape. So that the sticky side of the tape attached to the inner surface of the bracelets. To make the stack of bracelets appear natural, I taped them to sit at opposing angles from each other. You can see that each bracelet is sloped diagonally.