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Photographing pearl ring for Mikus Diamonds

This time I was tasked with photographing pearl ring so I put together a summer setup. The series of shots I have taken for the brand is slowly coming to an end. The first photo in this summer…

Photographing pearl ring for Mikus DiamondsPhotographing pearl ring for Mikus Diamonds
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This time I was tasked with photographing pearl ring so I put together a summer setup. The series of shots I have taken for the brand is slowly coming to an end. The first photo in this summer series was on taken on beach sand. It was of the black pearl earrings and features some interesting shell and rock accessories. The second one was actually a visual story of the ocean and the black pearl rings. Here is the video and here with the product featured in between the ocean scenes. I had a lot of fun creating both assets. The client was happy with how the backdrop matched the moody, dark tones of the jewelry.

Pearl ring photography
Still life, jewelry photography project of Red coral rings for Mikus Diamonds

Photographing pearl rings on a sandy backdrop

In order to achieve this final result, I purchased a set of cast iron starfish, black slate rocks, seashells, and a bucket of beach sand. I carefully arranged the collection of items onto a plastic surface. The scene looks very similar to something you would find in the shallow water of a rock pool. Next, I dropped the black pearl earrings into the center. One can imagine a clear layer of water over all these items. It kind of stirs the image of the earrings sinking down onto the depths of the ocean bed.

Pearl ring photography on Sandy background
Conceptual jewelry photography project of black perl ring and earrings for Mikus Diamonds

The motion in the ocean

Originally I was planing to create a motion videos combine emotional storytelling with product brand. Video bring the still life subject into being. As the dark, twisting currents blend with the black pearl rings, the sense of discovery and deepness washes over you.

The jewelry would not move at all, but rather the camera would pan and zooms around it. The movement of lighting and distance creates a stunning effect of motion. In between these scenes are short clips of the ocean waves breaking and swirling about.

Motion and video is a new medium I’m exploring right now and I will cover this again in another post. Thanks for reading! I want to remind you all to subscribe to my social media as I regularly release new portfolio images and updates on there.

Ring roduct Photography - Ring Photography
Still life, jewelry photography project of Red coral rings for Mikus Diamonds


How can I make the pearl ring stand out in the photo?

Use creative lighting techniques, such as simulating backlighting or side lighting, to make the pearl ring glow and stand out in the photo.

How do I choose the right background for photographing pearl rings?

The background should complement the color and style of the beaded ring. You can choose a plain background, a natural scene, or a textured surface, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

How can I create a sense of motion in my pearl ring photos?

You can experiment with camera angles, lighting, and props to create a sense of movement and depth in the photo. Adding water, waves, or other elements can also enhance the motion effect.

Martin Pitonak