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What is 3D product video & animation

3D Product Video Animation

CGI product photography is a new and innovative way to make your products stand out from the competition. Using advanced 3D modeling technology, CGI can provide you with hyper-realistic imagery for your website without the need to ship physical products.

How To Prepare Your Project

Do your research

Carrying out effective research is the first vital step that will allow us to get your project off to a great start, executing your vision to perfection. There are a range of platforms that may be useful in your research and when browsing, keep the following questions in mind.
  1. What is the primary purpose of your product animation?
  2. Do you need a voiceover for your animation?
  3. Where is your animation going to be used?
  4. What style and mood would you like to convey?


    Pinterest is a powerful tool, home to a wealth of information and inspiration. It’s free to set up a Pinterest account, through which you can create ‘boards’ full of ideas for your project. Once you have created your mood board on Pinterest, you can easily send over the link to your board, or simply copy the images onto a document.

    YouTube & Vimeo

    YouTube is perhaps the best platform to turn to for video and animation inspiration. Take a look at a range of ads and videos both within and outside of your niche. Brainstorm ideas until you have a good idea of what you would like your video to look like and how it will stand out within your industry.

    Social media

    Equally, social media is a powerful tool home to an abundance of information and ideas. Sites like Facebook and Twitter, and especially visual platforms such as Instagram can be a great source of inspiration. Send us your bookmarks or links to help us understand your vision fully.

Create a brief

Creating a brief for your 3D product animation project is important to ensure effective communication throughout the process. A well set out brief allows us to get a more accurate idea of the vision you have in mind, ensuring the project will be executed efficiently and correctly.

Catalog vs Creative images

If you’re unsure as to whether you would like creative or catalog studio photography for your product, take a look at this page to find out how these styles differ.

Start your project

Submit your brief

Once your brief is completed in whichever format you prefer, the next step is to send it across for review. During this stage, I will take a detailed look through your brief and familiarize myself with your project’s unique needs, before providing an estimate for your bespoke 3D product animation.

Receive price estimate

Your detailed estimate will clearly define not only the approximate overall price for your project but a proposed timeframe for the work to be completed within. Your estimate will be carefully broken down into sections to help you understand exactly what you will be paying for. If you’re happy, you will be able to approve your quote with the click of a button. Take a look at our sample estimate if you’d like to familiarize yourself with this stage further.

Meet us online

Meeting us online could not be easier. We are available to talk to you from 8 AM – 6 PM, Mon. – Fri. You can schedule your video meeting with us depending on where you are calling from and we can meet online to go through the details of your project. All calls are recorded for your convenience and you can review the information we will go through after the call is finished. See below what time would work best for you. 

Deposit invoice

Due to the complex nature of our work, we only consider jobs where a deposit is agreed upon and received. The deposit required will typically be 50-100% of your job’s total price, depending on how you want to exchange the files, through out the project. Deposits can be paid via wire payment or bank transfer. We also accept PayPal payment; however this option requires an additional transaction fee which you will find detailed on your invoice.

Wire payments:

Wise Bank:
IBAN: BE58 9672 3580 8679
Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels, 1050, Belgium

Credit cards payments

There is also an option to pay the invoice online using credit card through Stripe.Keep in mind that will be a transaction fee 2.5% to 5% depending where you sending it from.

Our 3D product animation process

Reference images

Good reference images will lay the foundations for any successful 3D product animation project. Taking proper reference images does not need to be difficult, and can easily be achieved by snapping some shots of your product from a variety of angles. Although it is important that your reference images are of a good quality, there’s no need to worry about perfection; reference images can easily be taken using your smartphone.

What's a reference image?

If you’re unsure on how to take reference images that will help us create the best results possible for your project, take a look at our guide.

3D model as reference

Your manufacturer may already have existing 3D models used in the process of manufacturing your project. Requesting these 3D files can effectively speed up the process of your project; depending on their suitability, we may be able to use these existing 3D models for your project. Alternatively, they can serve as a great reference for us when creating new ones. Most common 3D files are the following: .3DM .FBX .STL .OBJ .STP or we can also consider any 3D files they can provide us with.

Send us your product

Alternatively, you may prefer to ship us your products. With 3D product video aninimation, having a physical product is not essential, but is always a bonus. If you would like to send us your product, please use a reputable courier company and send us the tracking number to ensure your product arrives safely. Please also include your return address so we can send your products back to you.


Ship packages to

Martin Pitonak
Zdiar 434, ZIP: 05955
TEL: +421-948-125-765

Keep in mind

  • Pack your product well to avoid damage
  • Use a reputable shipping company
  • Send us your tracking number
  • Include your return address

Logos, labels and fonts

Send us over your product’s label design and we can add a realistic replica to your 3D model, with no detail being overlooked. We can effectively incorporate everything from your brand’s logo to specific fonts, ensuring your CGI model is as true-to-life as possible.

3D product modeling

If this is our first time working together with the product to be featured in your video or animation, the first step is to create 3D models of your product using your reference images. Alternatively, if the animation is an extension of a previous studio photography or 3D product modeling project, we can use the imagery we have already created.

Scene planning

Once we have our 3D models prepared, it’s time to begin working on scene planning. During this stage, we will plan the video or animation’s core goals and finetune the details of each scene including duration, descriptions and any additional information, infographics, sound effects or voice overs.

Product animation

Product animation involves taking our 3D model and adding dynamic elements, allowing it to move within a carefully planned environment. During this stage, we can adjust aspects like the speed and motion of your product to start curating the precise vision you had in mind.

Video editing

During this stage, we will use video editing technology to cut your video or animation to perfection. This is also our chance to add sound, voice overs or infographics as required. The video editing stage allows us to perfect those final touches that will make your animation complete.

Sounds / Infographics

Adding these elements to your 3D product animation or video is an excellent way to present your key advertising points in an interesting manner. For example, by choosing infographics, you will have the opportunity to tell your story visually, or why not capture the true essence of your product with music, voice over or sound effects?

Various video formats

Having discussed which platforms you require your video or animation for, we can make your final piece available in a range of sizes and formats to fit your unique requirements. Whether you are in need of a square video for Instagram, 16×9 for YouTube or something custom for your website banner, we can ensure your video is the perfect fit. You an also learn more about what video formats we can provide you with.

Download Your Images

Ways to download files

Depending on your preferences, there are two ways in which we can exchange files. If you would like to pay the 100% project fee upfront, we can share high resolution files as we progress through the project. If you would prefer to pay only the deposit 50% before completion of the project, you will be provided with low resolution images throughout for collaboration purposes, and will receive high resolution versions when full payment has been made. Keep in mind we do not provide 3D models, your images were created from.

File sizes

When requesting a quote, it’s important to let us know where you plan to use your video, allowing us to provide a suitably sized result. Images to be displayed on social media platforms like Instagram, for example, require a much lower resolution than those you may wish to feature on your website. By default we are providing video in full HD 16:9 ratio at 1920x1080px but you can request also other ratios like 1:1 or 4:5 ratio in MP4 format (24fps / H.264 codec). The larger your video export form the animation, the longer it will take to render and subsequently, the higher the cost will be.

Link to gallery

Your final images will be delivered within 14 days of production, and you will receive them in a digital format with a URL to the gallery. On receipt of your collection of images, they will be available to access and add to your website or preferred platforms whenever is convenient for you.


Before the download is registered, all images are copyrighted to me as the creator and proprietor. On receipt of your images, you will become a licensee and are free to use the images freely as you see fit, without constraints.