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Product video & 3D animation price

Transforming your product imagery into a dynamic video or animation is guaranteed to be a hit with your audience, bringing your product to life beautifully. Pricing for video and animation varies based on a few core elements.

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Price factors in product animation

Although 3D product animation is an excellent choice to captivate your audience, it generally comes at a higher cost than other types of visuals. Animating your product with 3D modeling is elaborate and time-consuming, and the complexity of your unique project will influence the price point greatly. The minimum fee to start an animation project with us is €1500

1. 3D modeling cost

If this is our first time working with a specific product, your price will include the initial production of 3D models. If the animation is an extension of a previous project, we can use the imagery we have already created, which will slightly lower the overall cost of your video.

2. Complexity of the product

Hard-surface products

3D modeling was made for hard-surface products and works incredibly well for these. The price for 3D modeling of hard-surface products is often lower than other surface types because excellent, hyper-realistic results can be achieved in a shorter length of time.

Hard-surface examples

  • Containers and tubes
  • Bottles and glass containers
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Any type of hard surface object

Soft-surface products

Although 3D modeling is perfectly suitable for any product, it will take longer to achieve the same stunning and true-to-life visuals when modeling organic or soft-surface products like creams or fabric, as a much higher attention to detail is required.

Soft-surface examples

  • Liquid or cream
  • Fabric or leather
  • Fashion and garment
  • Food or any organic material

3. Creative style

If you’re opting for more creative visuals, pricing will be dependent on how elaborate your desired effects are, and the length of time required to execute the 3D modeling to a high standard. By providing an accurate description of your vision alongside a mood board, we can provide a more precise quote matched to your project’s unique needs.

4. Animation / video length

Video length is one of the key factors in determining the price of any video or animation project. Longer videos requiring more work will naturally come in at a higher price point, as will those with a range of different scenes. Most of the product videos and animations we produce are somewhere within the 15s-60s bracket, but this is totally flexible based on your personal goals and budget.

5. Sound / voiceover

The auditory elements of a product video will also influence the overall price. For example, videos and animations with basic music will generally cost much less than those that require custom music. Voiceovers require a great deal of additional script work and the hiring of a voiceover actor, so these videos will also be more costly.

6. Special effects / infographics

Special effects essentially include any additional elements needed on top of the basic product video, covering things like transitions, infographics and callouts. It’s worth considering the type of special effects you would like when putting together your brief, so we can make an accurate price estimate.

7. File sizes

When requesting a quote, it’s important to let us know where you plan to use your video, allowing us to provide a suitably sized result. Images to be displayed on social media platforms like Instagram, for example, require a much lower resolution than those you may wish to feature on your website.  By default we are providing video in 16:9 ratio at 1920x1080px but you can request also other ratios like 1:1, 4:5 or 9:16 ratio at 1080x of longer side in MP4 format (24fps / H.264 codec). The larger your video or animation, the longer it will take to generate and subsequently, the higher the cost will be.