Traditional Studio Product Photography

Timeless studio product photography makes your product shine for your next E-commerce project

Time-proven techniques

Traditional studio product photography has retained its popularity in a world of high-tech alternatives, and for good reason! 

Complex & unique scenarios

Studio product photography highlights every detail perfectly, and is ideal for any intricate and highly textured jewelry or cosmetic product.

More affordable option

If you’re after beautiful visuals on a budget, studio product photography offers a great balance of elegant results and affordable prices.

Sell your product without saying a single word

First impressions count, and studio product photography allows your product to speak for itself. The perfect imagery will give your product its own unique voice, allowing it to say more than any caption or description ever could. The creative possibilities are vast–let’s work together and help your product showcase its distinctive beauty.

Creative styling

Help your product stand out amongst a sea of competitors with creative and innovative styling. Get ready to see your product in a new light!

Lighting & shooting

Make your product pop with the perfect combination of high quality 50 megapixel technology and expertly applied lighting.

Professional retouching

The process does not end after the shoot! Your stunning photographs are edited and retouched to perfection with our mastered Photoshop skills.

Creative Product Photography

Capture your audience's imagination and bring your concepts to life with bold and innovative
studio product photography.

How we shoot your products

In just six simple steps, we can work together to create the perfect visuals for your product and branding goals. Get in touch for a quote and we can start working on the product imagery of your dreams--the process could not be easier, and we welcome your input throughout!

1. Tell us about your product

Get in touch and tell us about your product and what you have in mind. Don’t overthink it–we can collaborate to decide on your ultimate goal!

2. Get a price quote

If studio product photography is right for you, we will provide a detailed quote for your project, taking into account your goals and ideas.

3. Ship your product

Pack your products up safely, send them over, and we can get to work straight away. You can ship your product by post or courier.

4. Get involved in the process

It’s important to us that your imagery is perfect, which is why we always welcome your creative input. After all, no-one knows your product better!

5. Professional retouching

Once shooting is complete, your images are expertly retouched, removing imperfections, and adding any creative finishing touches.

6. Download your images

Receive your images in a convenient digital file, ready to be used and distributed to advertise your product in style!

White Background product photography

Ideal for eCommerce websites, white background studio product photography allows your product to shine without any distractions. The perfect option for online shops looking for striking imagery on a tighter budget, white background photography offers a great balance of elegance, quality and affordability.

1. Ideal for online shops

White background product photography is perfect for showcasing your selection of products neatly, using a clean and uniform backdrop. 

2. More affordable option

Achieve crisp and effective visuals at a fraction of the price of other studio or CGI product photography & animation methods.

3. Quick turnarounds

White background studio product photography is ideal when you need stunning imagery without having to wait.