Puuure – Airmask

Pure re-branding from scratch of a California company selling sportswear and fashion accessories - San Bernardino, USA

Website is still in development

Puuure got into contact with me in need of a complete rebrand with fresh and exciting imagery for their website. As they were unable to ship products to me, I used CGI technology to create their visuals.

I took an active role in Puuure’s whole rebrand process and am also redesigning their website. Because it’s equally as important to have a great platform to showcase your imagery!

Puuure were in need of content in bulk, so we opted for simple yet striking 3D CGI models. Each is presented on an interesting but fuss-free background that allowed the product to shine.

I am also in the process of creating attention-grabbing animations to give their 3D models an extra dimension. CGI animations are great for social media, websites and advertising campaigns.

By Martin Pitonak

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