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What is Image Retouching

Image retouching is completed post-shoot, and essentially involves perfecting your images by removing imperfections and using various color correction techniques. Overall, this stage will lead to a much more polished final outcome. 

Why should you care about it?

Image retouching is a vital and often overlooked step in the production of any product imagery. Retouching can vastly improve those all-important final results, which is why we prioritize working with a talented team of dedicated retouchers.

Advantages of image retouching

Expert retouching is just as essential as a high-quality photoshoot. Key techniques including color correction and adjustments in brightness, shadows and contrast truly can make all the difference, which is why retouching is a mandatory stage in any project we take on. Importantly, retouching can also effectively remove imperfections from any product, allowing them to be shown off to their fullest potential.

Disadvantages of image retouching

Due to its highly technical nature and the expert skills required, retouching does come at a cost, and may take a little time to complete. However, the array of benefits retouching can offer far outweigh these costs.