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Product Video
Martin Pitonak

Watch product video for Easycase

https://vimeo.com/352913532Recently, one of my clients, got in contact with me and asked me to capture interesting images of their brand new watches that would in

Juhaniak Wood
Product Photography
Martin Pitonak

Photographing furniture for Juhaniak Wood

https://youtu.be/yR1K__8gz30 This time around I got to work on an exciting project—photographing furniture that focused on handmade, hardwood tables. The client makes and sells a

Leather bracelets for Dora Fashion
Product Photography
Martin Pitonak

Jewelry Photography Course of Leather Bracelets

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u35deojTASo I recently released a jewelry photography course on achieving a beam of light through a stack of leather bracelets, so for the record I