Shades Of London – Lip-gloss

Stimulating paint splash effects in 3D for cosmetic products for Shades of London - London, UK

Shades of London, a UK-based cosmetics brand approached me with a clear idea of a creative splashwork design they wanted to achieve for their product imagery. 

Using CGI was the perfect option here and allowed us to manipulate colours, shading and other features to bring Shades of London’s vision to fruition perfectly.

CGI visualization was the ideal way to bring this concept to life, effectively creating a 3D ‘frozen motion’ effect. This splashwork was repeated from different angles to produce an interesting and eye-catching set of images.

CGI modelling is an excellent approach for clients who wish to play a larger role in the creative process, or who have a firm vision of what they would like, just as Shades of London did here.

Creative photograohy for cometic website

By Martin Pitonak

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