Peora – Jewelry

Bold and courageous jewelry photography project for Peora Jewelry from LA, United States

In the jewelry industry, striking imagery is an absolute must. Peora is an international jewelry company who contacted me in the search for unique and creative visuals for their website. 

Peora Jewelry opted for traditional studio photography and shipped their pieces to me for shooting. Creative studio photography allowed me to capture each and every detail beautifully.

Having viewed my portfolio, Peora Jewelry were willing to leave the details to me. Having creative freedom on a project is great, as it allows me to come up with experimental and completely individual imagery.

Each of Peora’s images were created with the piece of jewelry and it’s indivudual personality in mind. Peora were provided with a selection of carefully planned and executed imagery that was  as unique and courageous as their jewelry.

Peora website

By Martin Pitonak

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