Helping Alfajr promote their azan digital clock with CGI photography

Helping Alfajr promote their latest azan digital clock with CGI photography

An existing client approached us with another project. Alfajr, a Saudi Arabian company, had developed a new timepiece. This clock is designed to emit an automatic azan, a call for Muslims to pray, five times a day. Using the power of CGI, we wanted to highlight the modern charm of the Alfajr product and attract potential buyers.

It only took a few images and a video to get us started. Based on our experience working with Alfajr, we knew what to expect. After looking at our client’s inspirations, we created a creative brief. It was important that Alfajr understood the steps ahead of us. They accepted our offer and we got to work.

Using 3D props like furniture, plants, and windows, we assembled a virtual interior. The goal here was to make the backdrop as realistic as possible, but at the same time simple enough to showcase the wall clock in a variety of creative setups. With CGI, we can can build virtually any environment for your product.

Editing the lighting and angles helped us showcase the cozy charm of the Azan digital clock. Many companies believe it takes weeks or even months to create eye-catching images. Alfajr received high-quality images within a few days. With the power of CGI photography, you can have your images in a matter of hours.

By Kamil

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