Ibraheem Al Qurashi – Abaq Pomegranate perfume campaign

Ibrahim Al Qurashi Abaq Pomegranate Perfume Campaign

We work with many clients in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Ibrahim Al Qurashi is definitely one of them. Recently, we had the opportunity to work on an interesting campaign for their perfume, Abaq Pomegranate. This project was presented to us with a very tight deadline. 

In just a few days, we had to model the perfume in 3D and create several scenes with product ingredients like pomegranate and berries, and set the whole thing in motion. That’s never a problem with CGI because we can turn around projects like this quickly in 3D.

Moreover, this perfume project went through several changes and revisions before the client was completely satisfied with it. And that’s where CGI really shines because changes in 3D are sometimes just a matter of minutes, compared to traditional photography or videography. 

Another great advantage of 3D video campaigns is that we can extract still images from the 3D scenes. These images can also be used later for various marking and advertising purposes, making CGI a great product photography alternative.

Great photography alternative

Whether you’re in Saudi Arabia, Europe, or North America, it makes no difference. All we need is a few images of your product and we can create it in 3D. CGI is a great alternative to product photography.

Final perfume animation

Here you can see the finished animation we created for Ibraheem Al Qurashi,  Abaq Pomegranate Perfume. It’s a simple but effective presentation that reveals the beautiful design of the product while conveying the fruity ingredients of this perfume.

3D still life photography

Below you can see an example of how still images from animation can be used effectively for marketing purposes. In this case for a header of an Ibraheem Al Qurashi Facebook page.

Ibrahim Al Qurashi Facebook

Helping Alfajr promote their azan digital clock with CGI photography

Helping Alfajr promote their latest azan digital clock with CGI photography

An existing client approached us with another project. Alfajr, a Saudi Arabian company, had developed a new timepiece. This clock is designed to emit an automatic azan, a call for Muslims to pray, five times a day. Using the power of CGI, we wanted to highlight the modern charm of the Alfajr product and attract potential buyers.

It only took a few images and a video to get us started. Based on our experience working with Alfajr, we knew what to expect. After looking at our client’s inspirations, we created a creative brief. It was important that Alfajr understood the steps ahead of us. They accepted our offer and we got to work.

Using 3D props like furniture, plants, and windows, we assembled a virtual interior. The goal here was to make the backdrop as realistic as possible, but at the same time simple enough to showcase the wall clock in a variety of creative setups. With CGI, we can can build virtually any environment for your product.

Editing the lighting and angles helped us showcase the cozy charm of the Azan digital clock. Many companies believe it takes weeks or even months to create eye-catching images. Alfajr received high-quality images within a few days. With the power of CGI photography, you can have your images in a matter of hours.

Helping Laverne promoting their scent with perfume video animation

Helping Laverne in Saudi Arabia with perfume video animation

Laverne, our new client from Saudi Arabia reached out to us after finding our studio on the Internet. To cut down on time and costs, Laverne decided to animate their latest perfume with CGI exclusively. They sent us a few reference images and videos for inspiration, and we were ready to send them a creative brief.

Laverne wanted us to create something original to highlight the brand’s unique style. We designed each background according to one of the perfume’s six main ingredients. These included fire-cured tobacco leaves, jasmine or amber, for example. Next, we assembled props and set up effective camera movements.

Laverne gave us creative freedom to choose the music. One option would have been to commission the voiceover with a professional studio. Instead, we ran our client’s copy through the AI narration service, saving weeks with just a few clicks. This gave us more time to perfect the Laverne’s perfume video animation.

The final clips are part of an online marketing campaign. We exported the animations to various video formats. This project is another example of how CGI is a great tool for modern entrepreneurs. We combined our talent and knowledge to create a dramatic video animation for a perfume that’s worth watching.

Presentation without limits

There are no limits to the props and materials thanks to CGI. Place your product in virtually any environment, adjust the backdrop, light, shadows. The video is an example of a “clay style” 3D model of the final animation. Later, adding textures and light creates the final realism that makes CGI so popular.

Different platforms, different formats

The final video animation is used in the product description page as well as on different social media channels the company uses for promotion.

Helping Ralph Christian promote their timepiece with video animation

Helping Ralph Christian promote their timepiece with video animation

An existing client, Ralph Christian contacted us with a new project. The watch manufacturer needed square watch video animation for their latest timepiece—the intrepid chronograph. The project involved creating a hyper-realistic 3D model of the watch and its packaging, as well as developing creative scenes. Without having a clear idea of the final images, Ralph Christian gave us the creative freedom to explore all possibilities.

We knew our research would take longer than usual, but we accepted the challenge. We researched visual trends and took inspiration from the high-end luxury watch industry as well as our client’s competition to find our way. Soon, we were ready to send Ralph Christian a creative brief. We began creating 3D models and developing CGI. After tackling the extensive research, we had confidence in our ideas.

After we presented our first drafts, Ralph Christian’s vision became clearer. Their feedback helped us better understand their expectations. Our client wanted to give their images a unique twist. As a CGI photography studio, we know how important it is to reflect a brand’s personality. We showcased the watchmaker’s brand identity by adjusting the camera angles, lighting and backgrounds. Throughout the creative process, the client reviewed our work and give us feedback.

CGI makes it easy to create high-quality product animations. Even without a physical copy of the product, we can create a 3D model and start creating scenes. Many clients enter the CGI process without a clear vision in mind, and their expectations evolve throughout the process. We know how to highlight a brand’s personal style and boost e-commerce. To get started, all they needed were a few reference images of their product and sources of inspiration to start the creative process.

Watch product video animation

Are you looking for a way to promote your timepieces in a modern and stylish way? Video animation blends the artistry of your watch with interesting camera movement and lighting. Add a song into the mix and you’ve got a spot that will bring attract your potential customers to your website. 

We’ve helped several manufacturers and watch makers already. Check out our portfolio and see the final images whether we’d be a good fit for your next campaign on YouTube or Instagram.

Visit our portfolio →

Helping Alfajr selling their new prayer wall clock on Amazon

Helping Alfajr selling their new prayer wall clock on Amazon

A company called Alfajr approached us to showcase their product, a hanging prayer wall clock for users of the Islamic faith. Our client wanted to optimize their online marketing campaign for success on Amazon. CGI photography is ideal for boosting e-commerce and highlighting products like Alfajr’s clock. Using simple camera movements, we gave the wall clock a chance to shine from different angles

When given the task of creating video animation and still images, most would start with the simpler of the two – still images. But we thought differently. After struggling to find the best possible angle for Alfajr’s wall clock, we saved time and developed three video animations first. Each animation is a sequence of still images. This allowed us to choose the best six images from a whole arsenal of possibilities.

In order for our client to showcase the wall clock on a variety of websites, they needed more than one size option. We created three different sizes of each image and a video animation. Each version had a different aspect ratio. This gave Alfajr the ability to launch their marketing campaign on the many platforms they use to promote their prayer wall clock. Professional post-production of the video animations and images gives the final touch that makes images pop. Although our 3D and 2D scenes were realistic, they still benefited from post-processing. To achieve the perfect lighting and sharpness, we applied filters and color corrections. This final editing increased the realism and put our client’s product on display.

Get your shot right. Every time

Playing with the composition just got easier. With CGI, the 3D scene gets updated until it fits your vision. 

Prayer wall clock azan clay model

Help your visitors shopping

With CGI, your options for creating images that stand out are literally limitless. Get your e-commerce images portray your products in the best light. Your customer will appreciate it. 

Unlimited props for every scene

With the help of CGI (Computer-generated imagery) there are basically no limits as to what props enter the scene. In this case, we built a 3D bookshelf for this image.

Prayer wall clock rendered clay model image

Free to choose any environment

The 3D technology allows as to build any environment that suits our creative needs. Here, we placed the prayer clock on a wall of a virtual 3D modeled living room. 

Prayer wall clock on dark wall

Try CGI photography for your product today!

Whether you are drop shipping your products or you manufacture them, getting high-quality photography of your product is as easy as sharing a few reference of it and some images or links for inspiration.

Helping ‘Watchout’ keep your screen safe with their LED UV-C sanitizing smart cover

Helping 'Watchout' keep your screen safe with their LED UV-C sanitizing smart cover

Many assume that product photography is limited to existing products – but that wasn’t the case with one of our most recent client, Watchout Group. They wanted to showcase their latest concept – Smart cover that sanitizes with LED UV-C light. They’d already approached another studio, but the results looked too unrealistic and computer generated. They turned to us, hoping for higher quality images for their crowdfunding campaign running on Indiegogo.

We liked the challenge of turning Watchout Group’s concept (only sketches of the future product and a 3D printed prototype) into detailed CGI imagery. Their prototype and previous studio’s renders served as our inspiration. We increased the realism and enhanced the lighting. To give potential backers an all-around view, we showed the device from different angles. The result highlights the product’s advanced technology and attractive design.

We were grateful that Watchout Group provided helpful critiques on our first round of images. After receiving feedback, we made some changes to better suit their vision. They were pleased with the new changes. Finally, we created several video animations to tell the story of their product  and advance their crowdfunding campaign.

This project was an example of how CGI Photography can transform product concepts into colorful, detailed images. At Welpix, we understand the importance of effective crowdfunding and eye-catching visuals. Our mission is to support startups like Watchout Group with affordable, high-quality CGI.

Video animation that tells a story

Help your backers see your product. That way, you’ll get your message across faster while promoting your crowdfunding campaign.

Wireframe model of a phone case

Grow your crowdfunding campaign

Get your potential backers on your side with photorealistic CGI product photography.

smart cover clay model
watchout sanitizing smart cover

Achieving high photorealism through delicate details

It took us time to bring the desired realism through proper composition, lighting, shadows and the placement of props with realistic stitches and almost unnoticeable smudges and little imperfections

Using video as reference for 3D modelling

This video of a prototype served as a useful reference material for our 3D artists. With a few additional images we were able to create a realistic 3D model for creative scenes. 

Prototype of a future product. While the guys at Watchout still play with paper and scissors we are already modeling a photorealistic model of their phone cover in different colors.  

Get images while still prototyping

This is the phone cover prototype we used as a reference image for our 3D model. Later, we used the 3D model for creating CGI images.

smart cover clay model

Helping Glownique to sell makeup brushes on Amazon | Canada

Helping Glownique to sell makeup brushes on Amazon | Canada

At first glance, making images for Amazon catalogs may seem like a routine project. But that’s not the case with our recent client – Glownique (Canada, Ontario). They wanted creative, striking images which would highlight the luxury status of their products. They hired a local photographer, but weren’t satisfied with the results. Later they discovered the benefits of CGI photography, and reached out to us.

Communicating with clients is one of the most crucial elements in our work, and in no time we had a video conversation with them to get a better understanding of their vision and desires about this project. Getting feedback form Glownique was very productive, it gave us the direction in which we could start creating the draft images and developing the layout for the Amazon page.

As soon as we gathered all the necessary information, we began our intensive workflow. All we used was just a couple of reference images to get the modeling right, and a conversation to feel the mood of the project. In just 3 days, we came up with a demo-render. This project really illustrates our vision, on how product photography should be done – fast and efficient 

Glowniqe was satisfied with most images that we delivered them, but as it always happens with big projects, we had to make some minor changes to some images. Luckily, this was not an issue. Glowniqe was very active and responsive in terms of giving feedback, and this directly affected how fast we got every single image matched to their needs and preferences.

After a failed photoshoot with a local product photographer, I reached out to Welpix for CGI photography on our first product and came out fantastic. Thank you so much.

Glownique brand

Immerse yourself in a refreshingly vibrant world of beauty tips, tutorials, attention-grabbing blog posts, and become a member of a buzzing community of lovers.

More about​ Glownique​

Inspired by the needs of the modern, busy, active, and hard-to-please woman, Glownique is here to infuse your imagination, dreams, and enthusiasm into a one-stop beauty platform for women who do not like to settle.

Helping Boss Coffee to enter US market with CGI | Tokio, JP

CGI coffee product photography - Gym concept

Helping Boss Coffee expanding to US market with CGI photography - Tokyo

Collaborating with someone closer to the market which you want to enter can be the key to an effective marketing campaign. For this project, BOSS coffee from Japan, and our team from Europe came together to capture the US market. CGI technology allowed us to deliver outstanding results for our client without even touching the product itself.

What makes this project stand out, is that we put up an entire marketing campaign using only CGI photographs and videos. Since this is a Japanese product, we were able to showcase its origin by pairing it with Japan’s iconic Sakura tree and its signature art form, Origami. In an effective campaign, you don’t say much about your product, you help the consumers connect the dots.

We used CGI to create the images for their website and Amazon store. This allows us to easily make any changes that the client might want, without having to schedule a new shoot, saving us and our client precious time. Thanks to CGI we were able to explore new ways to capture consumer’s attention.

One of the most effective types of visual content is video. It really helps capture the consumer’s attention and, paired with the correct sound, can do wonders for your product. 3D animation also allowed us to get very creative, creating a campaign that sets our client apart from the thousands of coffee products in the US market.

Play Video
Leading up to the launch of a new product in the US, our team faced a challenge to create new and engaging content with limited time and budget. We also had little source content and no access to the physical products. We reached out to the Welpix team and they created a beautiful CGI model of our product within a day using only our product images. From there, Martin and his team astounded us with the flexibility and creativity available through CGI modelling, putting our product in scenes that we could never have achieved with a real studio. The result was a portfolio of excellent images and videos used on our product pages and advertising to engage our customers. I highly recommend the Welpix team for their speed, skill and creative talent. I look forward to working with them again!

Boss Coffee campaign video

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake that is made of mochigome, a short-grained glutinous rice. Preparation is a meticulous ceremony called ‘Mochitsuki’ where the rice is pounded into a paste and moulded into shape. It takes extreme energy and focus, and that is why the best Mochitsuki-Masters rely on Suntory BOSS Coffee.

About the Boss Coffee brand

BOSS Coffee is the perfect Ready-to-Drink beverage for the on-the-go professional who demands high quality coffee. Pour over ice to kickstart your day or grab a can for that convenient afternoon boost – enjoy your way!
Helping Boss Coffee expanding to US with CGI

Adding CGI into the mix for K18 Hair | San Francisco, CA

CGI Photography for Hair Product Brand K18 - San Francisco, USA

Here yet another productive collaboration between the K18 Hair creative team from San Francisco, California and Welpix from Slovakia, Europe. CGI technology allowed us once again to work remotely and deliver exceptional results for this great looking brand while exploring new creative possibilities for their product’s latest visuals.

As the brand’s visual identity lies in its simplicity and vivid colors to differentiate itself. We spent a great deal of time making sure that products are presented according to their brand manual. Taking advantage of 3D technology and combining it with existing strong web presence makes this product line a true e-commerce hero.

We used CGI photography techniques for both the catalog images (on pure white background) as well as those with color backgrounds with shadows. All that for the purpose of matching the brand’s visual identity on the website. Second,  we created a set of creative hero images introducing the product to the website visitors and online audience.

Finally, after we were all satisfied with the results we took three existing creative concepts and animated them for even better impact via the social media channels and the website. Product animation is a great way to differentiate yourself and taking that extra step towards being really seen and recognized in the ever-growing sea of competition.

“We had a great experience working with Welpix on our first set of CGI product images & animations. Highly recommend them for their professionalism, quality and customer service. They accommodated all of our edits & made sure they delivered exactly what we were looking for. Process was smooth from start to finish!„

Video case study


Take a look at this video case study we’ve prepared where we explain the whole process and what we did for the K18 hair brand’s products.

About the K18 Hair brand

Hair like new no matter what you put it through. K18 Peptide™ – the breakthrough molecule haircare. Clinically proven to reverse damage in 4 minutes. Soft, smooth, strong, bouncy hair that feels like new.
CGI product photography for K18

Helping Percy & Reed to adopt CGI | London, UK

Helping Percy & Reed adopting CGI for their new digital campaign

Getting your digital campaigns ready is all about virtual collaboration these days. Take the creative team from Percy & Reed as an example. They took advantage of this opportunity, assembled an international team and delivered stunning visuals.

The first step; saving time by building realistic 3D models of their products instead of shooting them in studio. Next, creating interesting 3D setups for different products while producing visually attractive hero images for their web and social media. 

Taking advantage of good looking visuals we decided to put these images into motion and animating them. Creating short video ads for their digital campaigns. Here we had virtually unlimited possibilities for the camera work and lightning that CGI gives us.

Finally, once everybody was happy with final lightning, colors, arrangement, camera movement, we exported each visual into different formats (1:1, 16:9, 4:5, etc.) so the guys at Percy & Reed can start using them across all platforms for best marketing impact. 

Case study video

Watch the video explaining the process and thinking behind this project to better understand, what we did in this particular case

Play Video
Utilizing CGI was the perfect means to approach this project as it allowed us the most creative freedom with the least friction possible. Martin was incredibly receptive to the feedback and quickly adjusted scenes to reflect our needs. We’re thrilled with the results.

About the client

The Percy & Reed brand was created by two of London’s leading hairdressers Paul Percival and Adam Reed. Both had decades of experience jet-setting around the world, creating beautiful hair for the A-list.

Cosmetic product photography for new website

Play the video

See the final animations produced for this project

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