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Web design & digital strategy

Billing & Payments

To promote your product successfully, product photography is only one step in the process. Presenting your product with high-quality images combined with professional web presentation, can make your product really stand out. See how how we can help you in this arena.  

Discovery Phase

Meet us online

We take a strategic approach to assessing your needs and needs of your organization while looking at your long-term objectives and goals. We then come up with a solid strategy for the website and for your digital needs. We can have an online meeting or you can simply send us an email explaining what your specific needs are and all other aspects we would need to take into consideration while planning your robust digital strategy and website proposal.

Your time:

12:43 AM



Our time:

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Receive the estimate

Your detailed estimate will clearly define not only the approximate overall price for your project, but a proposed timeframe for the work to be completed within. Your estimate will be carefully broken down into sections to help you understand exactly what you will be paying for. If you’re happy, you will be able to approve your quote with the click of a button. Take a look at our sample estimate if you’d like to familiarize yourself with this stage further.

Deposit invoice

Due to the complex nature of our work, we only consider jobs where a deposit is agreed upon and received. We typically require 50% to 100% of your job’s total price in advance, depending on the size of your project. Generally, projects up to $2500 are considered ‘small projects’ and we prefer you pay 100% in advance. Larger projects ($2500 and more) will be split between 50% upfront and the the remaining 50% right before the final website delivery. Deposits can be paid via a wire payment or bank transfer. We also accept PayPal payments; however this option requires an additional transaction fee which you will find in your invoice.

Wire payments:

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Credit cards payments

There is also an option to pay the invoice online using credit card through PayPal.

Keep in mind that will be a transaction fee 2.5% to 5% depending where you sending it from 


After a detailed assessment of your needs, we spend considarable amount of time doing the research. We look closely at your competition or businesses that are similar to your industry. The main objective of the research is evaluating how we can differentiate you from your competition while making sure your brand and your product visuals get the attention they deserve.

Website outline

After the research we will present you with our approach. We will take time and create an approximate outline or structure of your future website in a mind-map form. This mind-map will give you a quick and flexible way to adjust or restructure your website or the outline quickly. 

Content strategy

Written content creation

After the initial discovery process and successfully assessment of your needs, we can start planning the content for your website. To find a unique way to tell your story through written content is an art on its own, though. We delegate this task to experienced copywriters that work with us on projects like yours. This way we can deliver high-quality content for your website.

Search engine optimization

Writing content for the web is completely different from writing content for the print. For example, not only the structure of the contents to be different but it also needs to be optimized for search engines so your clients can find your offer easily. Here we invest a lot of time and energy making sure that every piece of the content on your website is properly optimized for search engines.

Design & User Experience


After successful discovery and content strategy phase, we can start focusing on the design and user interface of your new website. It’s at this phase that the wireframes come handy. Wireframes allow us create easy-to-read representation of your website without all extra unnecessary costs. We will be able to better visualize the website outline and how to implement your content strategy..

Web design and mockups

After we agree on the wireframes and we are all going to be satisfied where things should be and what they should look like, we can move on with the design and mock-up phase. Website mock-ups are essentially more advanced versions of wireframes—where we are already putting together a visual interpretation of your future website. It may already include your brand colors, copy and graphics in order to better visualize and plan your website in a more specific context.

Artwork, CGI and graphics

We are primarily visual artists and that’s where we shine. Product photography and computer graphics is our specialty and this visual aspect plays a big role in telling your story with your website too. While implementing the artwork and graphics into your website, we take all previous steps into consideration. By doing that, we are making sure your goals are being pursued and everything around it is supporting the main objectives of your website.

Content management system

At this stage, we will choose an appropriate content management system CMS for your website. There are many CMS systems out there these days and every one of them serves a different purpose. We will discuss this with you and make sure that you feel confident and in control with a CMS suoted to your needs or we can evaluate if we can implement it within your current CMS.

Design implementation

At this stage, all the parts are in place and ready to be implemented. We take the existing website outline, professionally-written content and implemented it with the chosen content management system based on the website design we did in previous steps. We will skillfuly blend all graphics with the content strategy and make sure that everything follows all the latest design trends. 

Web site launch

On-page SEO audit

After everything is prepared and ready to be launched, we will do SEO audit of all the content. Implement tools that are necessary for optimization and tracking search engine optimization progress as well as meet all the standards for today’s search engines. This are all crucial steps for a successful launch and a solid foundation for the growth of your audience.

Setting up tracking tools

We will also install an implement modern tracking tools that will help you tracking your visitors behavior while they interact with your website. These tools will help you with deeper udnerstanding of your customers and help you make right dercisions while improving your website’s functionality.

Client training

You are an integral part of this process from beginning to end. After the successful launch, we will give you a detail training on how to use these tools and how to take control of your website. It will help you to better understand and plan your digital strategy in the future and how to better serve your customers online. All the support and training happens via online conferencing tools.