CGI fragrance photography & working from home during the epidemic

CGI Fragrance Photography

Recently I met a client Catherine Omai from London, UK who was visiting Africa for some business purposes, but she got stuck in Africa due to Corona epidemic crisis. Now as she got stuck in Africa, she is planning to launch her own fragrance line for which she is looking for a fragrance photographer. When she was looking for a photographer online she came across me.  She could not send me the perfumes as it was consider dangerous goods for most of the shipping companies and because of the corona virus it becomes even more complicated to ship the fragrance products from one country to another.
She got in touch with me and we discuss upon different photography options to present the fragrance product uniquely. This was how we finalized over the option of “CGI Photography”! It was challenging but it was best to give away the fragrance a complete organic natural texture.

How Did I Performed CGI fragrance photography?

The key element which I kept in mind for performing CGI fragrance photography is its sizing and how it will react to the photography lightning and texture.  I discussed a few major details with the client and the whole scenario of image construction came up so perfectly and well-enough.  The final output gives me an idea of how I can create a realistic 3D model of the product perfectly.  Texturing and modeling was few of my basic components. Once I created the 3D model of fragrance, I placed it within different scenes and different setups.

Catherine is already planning to launch different fragrance options and all of them are inspired by her background which is Africa. I did my research to properly evolve certain heritage incense off Africa individuals. Visit my official website to give a quick check at the fragrance photography done by me. You can view the final product of my CGI fragrance photography above.

Use of African Themed Texture & Lightning Work

For the fragrance product texturing in this CGI fragrance photography project, I have used thick fabric. It even include some old lightning at all sides of the product.  I took a small help from few creative ideas from Pinterest. Later on I add it in my concept with a background essence of Africa flavor in it that ware inspired by some Africa’s architectural elements of red clay walls.
Catherine is still on her plans to introduce some more fragrance options in the market. I am sure we will be working together in future. We will bring some more inspiring projects of CGI fragrance photography for you.