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This one is just for us: Please don’t hold back any criticism or suggestions. We depend on it!



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Owen Devitt
Owen DevittBoss Coffee, Tokyo
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We reached out to the WELPIX team and they created a beautiful CGI model of our product within a day using only our product images...
Rohan Vora
Rohan VoraPeora, Los Angeles
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Utilizing CGI was the perfect means to approach this project, as it allowed us the most creative freedom with the least friction possible...
Jaden Kim
Jaden KimGlownique, Niagara Falls
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After a failed photoshoot with a local product photographer, I reached out to Welpix for CGI photography on our first product. Because we...
Marian Huang
Marian HuangK18 Hair, San Francisco
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We had a great experience working with Welpix on our first set of CGI product images & animations. Highly recommend them for their...

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