CGI Photography

Highly innovative product photography and 3D rendering
to make your products stand out.

No need to ship your products

CGI photography combines convenience and results. Receive stunning 3D visuals without the need to ship your product.

Unlimited creative possibilities

Almost anything can be transformed into a beautiful 3D model with CGI photography. The sky’s the limit!

Faster turnarounds

CGI product photography is an excellent choice for top-quality visuals with minimal hassle. Perfect for busy business owners!

Take advantage of the latest CGI photography trends

We will turn your vision into reality using the most up-to-date and on-trend CGI photography methods. The possibilities are vast, whatever you need brought to life. With jewelry or cosmetics, for example,  basic reference photographs taken with a phone can be transformed into exquisite and hyper-realistic 3D imagery. You don’t need to wait to get in touch today using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

3D Modeling

We take your reference images and create striking 3D models of your product using cutting-edge CGI photography methods. You can leave this to us, or get involved in the process – it’s completely up to you!


Styling & Lighting

The models will be styled in process to showcase your desired result. Subtle and carefully crafted lighting will achieve incredible realism. As in traditional studio photography, finesse in lighting and styling are essential!

Image Rendering

Image rendering is the final step to ensure your models are perfected, exquisite, and exactly what you needed. We can guarantee your 3D models will be fine-tuned to perfection by our advanced Photoshop experts.

CGI photography is the process of creating photo realistic Computer-Generated Imagery. 3D visuals can be created faster and more conveniently to benefit both you and your customers.

How CGI Photography Works

In just six simple steps, your products can be transformed from flat and lifeless images to strikingly vibrant 3D models. All we need is a little background information on your product, a few simple reference images, and we’re ready to get creating!

1. Tell us about your product

What is your product, and what message would you like to convey? Tell us about your goals, so we can decide on the most efficient way forward.

2. Send us reference images

All we need to get started on your stunning 3D visuals is a few clear reference photos taken using your phone or camera.

3. Get a quote

Receive a custom quote based on your project’s unique needs. You can also request a quote using the form at the bottom of this page.

4. We 3D your product

Sit back and relax while your product is given the transformation of its life, using the best and most  innovative CGI photography methods.

5. Join the creative process

You know your product inside out, so let’s bring your vision to life as accurately as possible. We will always welcome your creative input.

6. Download your images

Once your CGI photography models are perfected, we will send you a folder of them in convenient digital format, ready for you to employ as you will to show the world.

Product Video & 3D Animation

We can bring your 3D models to life by creating extraordinary videos and animations, perfect for social media and advertising campaigns. Expertly constructed videos and animations that are memorable and visually appealing can take your CGI visuals to the next level. Spice up your brand’s marketing strategy and social identity!

1. Use your existing 3D model

Save time and money by using the impressive 3D models that have already been expertly created for you and your business.

2. Direct the animation scenes

Get involved in the process and become the director of your product’s personal feature film. Together we will take your ideas to a blcckbuster!

3. Download your video files

Now share them across your social media and other favourite platforms to give your product the award-level coverage it deserves.