Bring the jewelry business to the next level for Peora. LA, California

jewelry photography
Jewelry businesses have lost their appeal over time, and they are making continuous efforts to spark a joy among their prospective buyers. Jewelry sellers are ready to make amends to improve the marketability of their products, which is why they have resorted to jewelry photography to bring their level to the next level. Buying jewelry is a systematic approach; therefore, organized and high-definition images of jewelry articles help people with observing the dimension of the jewelry on a magnified scale. Selling jewelry online or through social media platforms has become a popular option among the sellers, and they are adamant on hiring a team of professional photographers, photo editors, and props to enhance the marketability of their jewelries. The point being is that, jewelry business is no longer limited to selling jewelry items to their customers but, it is more about selling an experience to the prospective jewelry wearers. It cannot get any better than indulging in professional jewelry photography to take your jewelry business to the next level!

Getting things ready

One of the major things in the entire project was to select various types of jewelry pieces on the website, based on the variety of the styles and types of jewelry on the site. I selected stoned jewelry as per the needs of the client, and I was asked to organized the selected jewelry pieces on an excel sheet meticulously. It allowed me to envision the mood board for the project charily as well as it gave us pointers to condense the objectives and requirements of the project.

Jewelry photography selection

Creating a mood board

Mood boards are usually created on sheets and inspirational mood boards. I created a grid of every single jewelry piece that I was asked to photograph, and every sub-page was inclusive of jewelry piece in contrast to different images, which were selected based on their commonalities. As a part of the project, I was asked to choose a particular background to the imagery for enhancing the photography outcomes. The part of customizable background was dependable on the mood board, which further inspired us to narrow down how to approach the project. It gave us a better insight on the photography process.

Jewelry photography mood-board

Making every jewelry piece a hero

One of the important characteristics of the project was to make jewelry piece stand out as a hero. Peora was working on a new website layout, and I was required to create images for the reserved space on the website. The jewelry should invoke to the audience immediately, which should inspire them to buy jewelry based on their impressions of the jewelry. Hero images I created will be applied to the new layout, once the website is finalized.  
Some of the final hero images
New website mock-up