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Entertaining your audience with high-quality video content was never easier. Increase your brand’s awareness with 3D product animation.
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Video Thumbnail: 3D perfume animation for Ibrahim Al Qurashi

3D perfume animation for Ibrahim Al-Qurashi – A new Saudi Arabian trend?

Everyone has a hard time when it comes to working with busy schedules. In the case of our client Ibrahim…

E-commerce photography, tips and tricks

Dive deeper into the “best by test” ways to significantly improve your online appearance. Let our expertise in e-commerce product…

Welpix sro changes it's name to Welpix Studio SRL

Welpix is relocating to Bucharest, RO

Our remote team is growing and the last few months have convinced us that remote creative work isn’t only a…

crowdfunding product photography example

Crowdfunding product photography tips that help you grow your campaign in 2022

Crowdfunding product photography gives you an edge in the crowdfunding world. Campaigning is hard, especially when you’re competing against a…

Luxury watch photography back render image

Luxury watch photography for Jon Jacobs. Miami, Florida

The world of e-commerce is expanding by the day, and new items always require new techniques. After all, when quality…

Creative product photography of makeup brushes

Best makeup brushes photography for your e-commerce

Strengthen your knowledge of the beauty industry. Learn all there is (and more) about makeup brushes photography and how you…

How will 3D change creative industry again in 2022

How will 3D change the creative industry in 2023, again

The evolution of photography has seen many changes over time. Last year was no exception. In this article, you’ll learn…

Watch 3D modeling

Benefits of watch product animation vs. videography

Watch product animation is noting new in digital marketing. It can produce equally exiting results in shorter time and at…

Product photography pricing for 2021

Introducing our new & updated product photography prices

We are introducing a new price list with updated prices for our product photography services. This new price list is…

CGI coffee product photography - Gym concept

Taking coffee product photography to the next level with CGI

How Japan’s #1 canned coffee entered the US market BOSS coffee recently went through an elaborate plan in January to…

TurboSquid by Shutterstock

Shutterstock buys Turbosquid for $75million and moving into CGI

The deal to acquire Turbosquid was announced on Tuesday, 26th January 2020 in an official statement on Shutterstock’s website. It…

We are now Welpix Studio

We are now Welpix Studio

Why the change? Working as a professional photographer for over a decade now, I have seen a lot of changes…