CGI Product Photography

CGI bottle photography & working from home during the epidemic

How I spend the time as a photographer during the pandemic Everybody responds to the current situation differently. As for me, I decided to take it as a challenge and improve my CGI photography skills. That way I keep on learning my craft while serving my potential clients even in these unprecedented times. 

Working on personal project during epidemic

At the beginning of this global slowdown, I decided to keep my working routine as uninterrupted as possible. Since new projects are coming at a slower pace than usual, the extra time I can spend on projects that were either on hold or not a priority in terms of financial reward. Because of the pandemic and its global effect on the market, I decided to move back to my home-office. Here I can continue supporting my existing clients and spend more time on expanding my skills with my latest obsession; CGI photography

Learning CGI and new skills

Learning new skills in CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) is of high importance to me. Combining my real-life photography knowledge with the use of 3D software like Blender brings many exciting opportunities. Let’s explore what CGI photography is all about and how you can benefit from it during this global COVID-19 pandemic. CGI photography is offering more opportunities than ever before. From observing the industry for many years, history showed us that photography belongs to those who were able to adapt to new technology. Thanks to ever-improving hardware, right software skills and basic understanding of fundamental photography principles, you can rebuild your portfolio and attract new clients. As for me, I decided to stick with Blender (free for download) as my main 3D rendering software. More than 15 years of experience in photography and design and gives me advantage, but anyone can learn it. After the initial frustration with free YouTube tutorials, I quickly realized the value of high-quality content.

Networking with other photographers

You can see the results of my newly found passion for 3D and photography in my portfolio. For example, this CGI bottle photography project takes me a fraction of time these days and requires just a computer—everything is done digitally. From the styling to composition to lightning. I’ve basically moved my entire real studio into the digital world of a 3D software. More about how I progress daily can be found in this community.  Just accidentally, I took my hobby to another level and built a tribe of like-minded photographers and artists around it. Read interviews with these remarkable professionals in the blog. With their help I continue learning, growing and sharing at the same time.